Known to many as a dramatic series of novels for youngsters, before it made its way to the big screen and then just last year Netflix as an original TV series, 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' tells one of the wackiest stories to have dropped in the modern day.

Neil Patrick Harris will return as Count OlafNeil Patrick Harris will return as Count Olaf

Starring the likes of Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes and Presley Smith in the respective roles of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire - also known as the Baudelaire orphans - the show is narrated by Patrick Warburton in the role of the original book's author, Lemony Snicket, whilst Neil Patrick Harris brings eccentric villain Count Olaf to life.

Fans of the franchise saw the first four books brought to the small screen in the show's first season on Netflix, whilst the upcoming second season will go through books five to nine. Now, Netflix have revealed exactly when viewers will be able to enjoy the next chapters of the Baudelaire story, taking to Twitter to announce the news.

As you'll notice, the date wasn't given easily in the above video, with fans instead being sent on a scavenger hunt with clues in the body of the text alongside it. Some noticed that three words in particular were randomly capitalised - "verse", "fluctuation" and "declaration" - along with the "(.com)". Putting all of those together - - took those savvy enough to a website with a short verse, that then eventually led to the show's official Netflix homepage, which includes the date of the second season.

Revealed to be returning on March 30, the countdown is now well and truly on. We imagine the scripts will be as bleak as they were in the show's first season, but there will be some hope for the orphans this year, as they meet their new friends Duncan (Dylan Kingwell) and Isadora (Avi Lake).

Olaf's ranks also look set to expand, with Esmé Squalor (Lucy Punk) and Carmelita Spats (Kitana Turnbull) attempting to bring down the Baudelaire children. We can't wait to watch the chaos ensue.

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'A Series of Unfortunate Events' season 1 is available now on Netflix, with season 2 set to debut on the streaming platform on March 30.