Orange Is the New Black is set to return for season two in June. The show's producer, Netflix, made the announcement yesterday (15th February) that the second season will be available from June 6th 2014, as the L.A. Times reports.

Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon
Taylor Schilling (L) and Laura Prepon (R) star in Orange Is the New Black.

Orange Is the New Black stars Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, an educated middle class woman who is imprisoned on charges of smuggling drug money. The first season of the hit Netflix show concerned Chapman and her fiancé Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs) coming to terms with her imprisonment and attempting to make their relationship work whilst being separated by prison bars. Whilst in the women's prison, Chapman makes friends (and enemies) with a number of her fellow inmates including her former drug-smuggling lover Alex (Laura Prepon); the infatuated "Crazy Eyes" (Uzo Aduba); and religious extremist, Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning). 

Watch the teaser trailer for season 2 of Orange Is the New Black:

The short teaser trailer gives no hints as to what will happen to Piper or any of the other characters but the show's creator Jenji Kohan (Weeds) recently discussed why Piper's character and its development is so central to the show. For fans of Orange Is the New Black, this is something particularly obvious at the end of the first season. Kohan, speaking to the L.A. Times, said of Piper: "She's a flawed human being; we all are. We're always trying to be better but failing. She's a woman on a continual search for identity. A lot of the show is about figuring out who you are and what mask you're going to wear in what environment. Ultimately we found it most interesting to see her kind of go native."

Orange Is the New Black, season 2, will be available on Netflix from 6th June 2014. 

Jason Biggs
Jason Biggs stars as Larry Bloom in the Netflix series.