No longer will you be able to see such instant classics as Foxy Brown, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Stop! Or My Mum Will Shoot or Troll II on Netflix by 4 January at the latest, as the popular streaming service looks to let some of it's rooster dry up as a number of licensing contracts run out.

Hey Netflix! Maybe if you changed your interface then we wouldn't have to wait until now to watch Troll II

On a serious note, there are actually some notable casualties in the content shake up, with some genuinely great films heading for the scrap heap. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich and Desperado are three cult classics that must still generate a great deal of interest in the site. Meanwhile Oscar-winners like As Good As It Gets, Born on the Fourth of July and the original True Grit will probably see a renewed interest on torrent sites and unlicensed streaming sites. As for television, a number of seasons of Saturday Night Live and all of Mr Bean will also be heading for the scrap heap.

Netflix teams up with Disney and Marvel for orignal programming

The list of retiring shows was first made available through a post on Reddit, with the complete list available on the user-submitted site. The list was later confirmed by CNN and other sites, who also confirmed that although these movies will no longer be able to stream, those who still order DVDs from Netflix will be able to order the movies in physical form. A spokesperson for Netflix also told CNN that the company routinely adds and deletes titles from its streaming service due to licensing contracts.

On the plus side, another list posted on the ever-reliable Reddit reveals some of the titles heading to Netflix in the new year, and no matter what the casualties are, it will all worth it to see John Carpenter's timeless Big Trouble in Little China again and again and again.

No longer will you be able to see this classic scene on Netflix: