There's no denying the hype surrounding upcoming Netflix and Marvel collaborative series, 'The Defenders'. Not only one of the most anticipated new shows of this month, but of the entire year, the series will bring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist together for the first time, as they're forced to put aside their differences and work alongside one another for the greater good.

Simone Missick and Krysten Ritter star in 'The Defenders'Simone Missick and Krysten Ritter star in 'The Defenders'

Going up against a worthy adversary in Alexandra, played by Sigourney Weaver, the crime fighters will be facing challenges like none they've ever tackled before. For now though, what many are looking forward to seeing is exactly how the heroes will interact with one another when they first meet.

That initial meeting between all four of the members however isn't something the show will be rushing into. While many would expect them to form the group before the end of the first episode, that's not something that's going to happen.

Mike Colter returns to his role as Luke CageMike Colter returns to his role as Luke Cage

Speaking with The Wrap, director of the show's first two episodes and executive producer on the series, S.J. Clarkson explains: "My hope is that people who haven’t seen any of the shows might tune in and watch “The Defenders,” and enjoy it in its own right. Well, I actually think there’s no rush for those people because they don’t know them. So you want time to sort of reintroduce the characters and sort of spend time with them, to really understand who they are, understand where they’re at, so when they do finally meet I think the payoff is greater cause you’ve had time to sit with them and settle in where they are."

Those who have already seen all of the Marvel/Netflix series on offer however shouldn't have to fear re-treading old ground with this 'reintroduction', as Clarkson adds: "I wanted it to feel like is when you watch it you were being introduced to these characters for the first time but equally, if you were familiar with them, you were sitting back down with an old friend."

Could Daredevil and Jessica Jones become great allies?Could Daredevil and Jessica Jones become great allies?

Whether this will be something long-time fans of the universe will be willing to accept remains to be seen; it'll certainly prove difficult to find that balance, but if there's anybody who can get the job done, it's Clarkson and the rest of the team working on the series.

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'The Defenders' hits Netflix on August 18.