There are too many fan theories out there about what will be unveiled in season two of 'Stranger Things' to list, but directors Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer have apparently really enjoyed reading them all. They confess that some fans have even managed to get dangerously close to the truth.

Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby BrownGaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Millie Bobby Brown have their own theories

The Duffer Brothers have had a fun time reading up on all the theories regarding their Netflix show, which premiered in July and was immediately renewed for a second season for 2017. So many mysteries remain, so many questions left unanswered... but that only means more possibilities. And with the ambiguity of the episode titles for season two, Reddit has exploded with potential plotlines.

'Even if they aren't the final chapter titles, everything in that teaser is major. But they're ambiguous enough that no one is going to be able to figure it out', Matt told the Hollywood Reporter. 'Some of the fan theories online are amazing. Most are wrong, but I've read a few that are right or very close. Is it Reddit? Some of those people have figured stuff out based off of the chapter titles.'

You might suspect that these ideas from regular viewers can't possibly match up to what the Duffer Brothers have in store for us, but they disagree. 'Some of these theories are elaborate and smart', said Ross. 'They're not crap. I love reading this stuff.'

Luckily, for the sake of getting the writing done, they aren't actually on Reddit. Or Twitter. But they do get tip offs about what everyone's saying about their show. 'People send us the stuff', Ross added. 'I know I would never get out if I went in there.'

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They're about to start shooting the second season, which will no doubt excite cast members Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Noah Schnapp (Will) and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), who have previously unveiled some fan theories of their own. For example, regarding those slimy slug things Will coughed up at the end of season one? 'I think that those slugs are baby demogorgons festering and growing inside of him', Gaten told E! News. 'Like, he's an egg.'

Caleb thinks the Dungeons & Dragons game might have more to do with the Upside Down than just naming the mysterious monster after the demogorgon. His pal posed an interesting theory after the show aired. 'He was like, 'So when you guys were playing the game Will rolled a 7, right?' He asked me, 'How long was Will gone?' I said, 'For a week'. Seven days. He rolled a seven', Caleb explained. 'So the game has to do with our lives.'

As for Millie, she thinks that the people taken into the Upside Down turn into demogorgons if they stay there long enough. 'You know the reaction that Will got after the Upside Down? They've been in there for too long so that means they become demogorgons', she said.