Netflix continue to add to their slate of original series with innovative and unique television shows; the latest of which is Justin Simien's 'Dear White People'. With the series' first season now available on the streaming platform, fans of the original movie - also by Simien - can catch up with the characters they've already been introduced to, as the episodes pick right up where the film left off.

The first season of 'Dear White People' is available now on NetflixThe first season of 'Dear White People' is available now on Netflix

Using comedy to battle stereotypes and racial tensions, the series chronicles a group of youngsters in the millennial age who combat injustice and bias. Brutally honest, it's left many threatening to cancel their Netflix accounts simply because of the show's title, further propping up the need that many of us have for a series like this. It will probably point out the flaws of many people watching, but if you're willing to look at that and adjust because of it, then surely the series' job has been done.

Now in a chat with Collider, creator Simien has spoken about the impact that 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has had on his writing process and the events that may take place in future seasons of 'Dear White People'.

The cast of the new Netflix original seriesThe cast of the new Netflix original series

He explained: "If we're not responding to the way the country [America] is changing, or to the dialogue in the country, then the show doesn't really work anymore. It becomes like a time capsule. We always have to be free to respond in real time, or as close to as real time as we can, to the country because this is a conversation piece."

"America is a different country, and it will forever be a different country, after the election of Donald Trump," he added.

So what exactly should we expect if 'Dear White People' makes a return for a second season and beyond? That remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure; Simien is unafraid to keep his finger on the button and bring television to the masses that tackles big, real-life issues.

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'Dear White People' is available to stream now on Netflix.