Netflix have made it official and renewed '13 Reasons Why' for a second season, which will hit the streaming service at some point in 2018. With another 13 hour-long episodes and Brian Yorkey staying on as showrunner, the series "picks up in the aftermath of Hannah Baker's death and the start of the characters' complicated journeys toward healing and recovery."

Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette with Selena Gomez on-setKatherine Langford and Dylan Minnette with Selena Gomez on-set

No further details have yet been given about the second season of the show, but the renewal should come as no surprise to those who watched the first season and have been keeping up with the show through media headlines, whether they be positive or negative.

The announcement comes after Netflix announced they would be adding extra warning graphics to the series, following a huge amount of complaints from mental health and suicide awareness professionals in regard to the content shown. In one particular scene for example, viewers get to see the act of suicide being conducted, with the scene being criticised for being "triggering" to those who suffer with their own mental health in real life.

With the first season based on the novel of the same name by Jay Asher and that material now used up, there's no telling where the story could go next, but plenty of rumours have surrounded the show ever since people finished up the current 13 episodes available.

One of the widest-spread theories is that one character in particular - Tyler, who was shown to be collecting weapons and ammunition in his bedroom at home - could be planning a devastating school shooting. This was further backed up by the photographs of all those who had wronged him (and appeared on Hannah's tapes) he had stored in a room, before taking a photo of Alex down because of the help he'd received from his classmate in a corridor when being picked on.

The news will be great for those who enjoyed the show, but we imagine some people will be less-than-impressed at Netflix's clear willingness to cash in on a show that could do harm to so many. We expect the controversy around this one to keep on running...

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'13 Reasons Why' season 1 is available now in its entirety on Netflix.