British singer/songwriter Nerina Pallot had reservations about appointing her producer husband as her manager - as she worries they are sometimes together "too much".
The Sophia singer experienced love at first sight with Andy Chatterley - he proposed just 30 minutes after they met in 2007 and they wed six weeks later.
The stars are now parents to son Wolfie, who was born in September (10), but Pallot admits she and Chatterley may be too close.
She tells Britain's Glamour magazine, "Like any couple, we have conflict. Our politics are slightly different, and he has since become my manager, which means there are times when we're together too much. We're also both stubborn and can be point scorers."
But Pallot still sees a long future for her and Chatterley: "Despite this, I think Andy and I are forever, and he feels the same."