Hip-hop star Nelly is furious with the criticism he's received for the raunchy video accompanying his track TIP DRILL - because actors aren't attacked when they strip onscreen.

The rapper's video has been bombarded with criticism, especially for a scene in which he runs a credit card between a female cast member's buttocks.

But Nelly is irritated by recent reports comparing him to controversial 2 LIVE CREW star Luther Campbell.

He tells American magazine FHM, "Everybody always thinks I'm the new Luther Campbell. Where the f**k his I get this from?

"It's acting. Halle Berry can go on film and get the dog s**t freaked out of her, and she wins an OSCAR. I swipe a credit card down the crack of a girl's butt, and I'm demoralising women?"

13/10/2004 02:41