Rap star Nelly got the name MOSES tattooed on his right arm because he so closely identifies with the Biblical leader. Nelly, real name CORNELL HAYNES JR, grew up on the rough streets of St Louis, Missouri and was able to rise above his troubled upbringing to become one of the most successful rappers of all time. The GRILLZ singer has a collection of tattoos including the word "lunatic" above his navel, a heart on his chest, and five playing cards and dice on his right arm. He recently added tribal-symbol tattoos on his left arm and neck and also decided to add the iconic name of Moses for inspiration. Nelly explains, "I've got the name Moses on my inner right arm. I can relate to this story, as far as leading people out. "That's how my boys (the ST LUNATICS) and I felt about the St Louis music scene. "(When we hit it big) we felt like we were leading some of the top musical talent out of there, on to broader horizons."