Neill Blomkamp's new 'Alien' movie will feel like the ''genetic sibling of Aliens''.

The 35-year-old director, who's been brought on board to helm the eagerly-awaited new movie, has revealed that his film will disregard 'Alien 3' and 'Alien: Ressurection' and will instead carry on from the James Cameron-directed 'Aliens' in 1986.

Blomkamp told Sky News: ''I want this film to feel like it's literally the genetic sibling of Aliens. So it's Alien, Aliens, and then this movie.''

What's more, Sigourney Weaver, who starred in the 1979 original 'Alien' movie, said she's keen to see her on-screen character Ellen Ripley give a ''proper finish'' to her part in the franchise.

She shared: ''I would love to take Ripley out of orbiting around in space, and give a proper finish to her story.''

Meanwhile, Blomkamp recently revealed his interest in directing the new 'Alien' movie was sparked by conversations he had with Weaver while they were making the new sci-fi movie 'Chappie'.

He explained: ''Speaking to Sigourney Weaver, when we were doing Chappie, she set off a bunch of thoughts in my head - I had come up with an idea that didn't have Sigourney, it was a different idea. But I spent all of the shooting time with her, it was like, holy s***, that could actually be really interesting.

''When I came back to Vancouver, I had an entire year to work on Chappie. And when I wasn't needed in the edit, I could think about Alien.''