Neill Blomkamp doubts that his 'Alien' film will ever be released.

The 41-year-old director had been planning a movie in the iconic sci-fi series with star Sigourney Weaver but plans fizzled out when original director Sir Ridley Scott returned to the franchise with his prequels 'Prometheus' and 'Alien: Covenant' which explored the origins of the deadly Xenomorph.

Blomkamp accepts that his project is now "dead", something which is a disappointment to him.

Asked if the potential movie could be revived, Neill told "No, would be my guess. I would say nothing will come out. But, who knows? At this present moment, I would say it's just dead."

The 'Elysium' filmmaker revealed that the false start with 'Alien' put him off working with a major film studio but he didn't turn down the possibility of boarding a big franchise in the future.

Blomkamp said: "I think the answer would be a mixture of both things, meaning it has turned me off and I am weary of huge IP that's owned and controlled by corporate interests, but simultaneously, if some awesome studio came to me with some awesome piece of existing IP, I would be a fool to not look at what, at least, it was.

"It's like, going in weary would be the way that I would look at it. My instinct is to just keep working on my own stuff, basically, but if someone came to me with something awesome, I would definitely look at it."

Blomkamp has been working on the horror flick 'Demonic' and described it as a "highly unusual" film.

He said: "This movie was highly unusual, in process, because it was a bunch of separate elements that were floating around in my head and COVID and the fact that nothing else was the galvanising thing that made me move forward with it."