Rocker Neil Young is developing a high-resolution audio format to rival modern Mp3s.
The Heart of Gold hitmaker has previously ranted about the quality of modern digital music as opposed to that of his well-worn and well-loved vinyl records.
Now he's spearheading a hi-tech solution to the problem - and he's even set aside potential names for his new venture at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Young has submitted applications for six names, including Ivanhoe, 21st Century Record Player, Earth Storage, Storage Shed, Thanks for Listening and Sqs (Studio Quality Sound).
The patents, obtained by, also outline plans for "high resolution music downloadable from the internet" and "high resolutions discs featuring music and video of music".
In February (12), the veteran star revealed he had been in talks with late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to design a vinyl-friendly iPod.