Rocker Neil Young invented a wireless remote control to help his disabled sons play with model trains when they were younger.
Both of Young's boys were born with severe limitations - Zeke has cerebral palsy and Ben is a quadriplegic - and their disabilities prompted the Heart of Gold hitmaker to help them find ways to improve their quality of life.
And the rocker reveals, when his kids were young, he designed the TrainMaster Command Control system so they could more easily enjoy their favourite hobby.
Young later submitted his design, as well as six others, to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in order to properly own the creative rights to his invention.
A slew of other stars have patented their ideas in recent years, according to the National Enquirer.
Supermodel Christie Brinkley created an educational system of alphabet toy blocks, actress Jamie Lee Curtis devised a baby diaper with a built-in pocket for anti-bacterial wipes, and rocker Eddie Van Halen invented a device for his guitar, which would prop the instrument into a flat position, allowing him to play with both hands.