The veteran rocker used the pseudonym Bernard Shakey for the 1982 comedy, which he starred in, co-wrote and co-directed with Dean Stockwell.

The movie was only released in a handful of theatres and it was critically panned. It was not released on VHS until 1995, but during the annual Texas festival, the film was screened for eager fans and Young surprised the crowd to participate in a question-and-answer session following the movie.

He said of the film, "It has a life of its own. It refuses to die - we tried to kill it a couple of times."

Young is preparing for a new life for Human Highway, which also stars band Devo as power plant workers, since they have re-cut and re-mastered the movie to include unseen footage, and it will have a DVD release. Young also plans to tour the film festival circuit with the movie throughout the year (15).

The singer added, "I like people to look at it in the theatre - I like people to look at it with other people. I'm not a fan of the solitary art. I like to hear people react."