Earlier this month (Jul15), the rockers were among a bunch of acts who withdrew from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), meaning BBC stations were no longer permitted to broadcast their songs.

However, BBC bosses have now announced they have reached a new agreement with officials at Wixen Music, who represent Young, The Doors, and Journey.

A statement reads: "The BBC has been able to find a licensing solution by working together with the music publisher Wixen Music UK and with the MCPS. Works composed by the Doors, Journey and Neil Young are now mechanically licensed under an arrangement via MCPS and are available for use on BBC Radio and for the consequent download on BBC Radio iPlayer. The licensing solution enables us to include the works on both BBC radio and the BBC's radio catch-up services, however the rights are not available for television or other audio visual use via the BBC's collective licensing arrangements with MCPS."