Even though Neil Patrick Harris has hosted numerous award ceremonies several times, including the Tony and Emmy Awards, the 41 year-old actor still has a lot of preparation to do before hosting the 2015 Academy Awards next March.

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris will host the 2015 Oscars

Harris recently divulged what kind of strategy he is taking to make sure the big night goes off without a hitch, while promoting his new memoir, 'Choose Your Own Autobiography.'

"I'm trying to watch a bunch of past Oscar shows in sequence so I can see sort of how technology has changed, the set, the room," the 'How I Met Your Mother' star told E!News. "Keep in mind, award shows is a room filled with terribly nervous people who have been through a gauntlet of anticipation, including the red carpet, where they're constantly asked what they'll say if they win..."

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Harris revealed that he thinks the most important aspect of the role is to keep the nominees, especially those who lost, happy and entertained throughout the award ceremony.

"And then most of the show, it's all filled with losers," he said. "Because out of the five nominees, only one wins. So as the show goes on, more and more of the people are unhappy...so that's kind of the game, is to try and figure out how to be fun and casual and confident and keep it moving and keep it a good show, regardless of whether you win or lose, that you're at least enjoying yourself for the evening."

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The talented actor made the announcement via social media on Wednesday (Oct 15th) by sharing a photo of himself checking hosting the Oscars of his bucket list, so when asked if he "dared to dream" about landing the role, he said "I suppose so."

Neil Patrick Harris will host 87the Academy Awards on Feb. 22, 2015.