Neil Patrick Harris thinks he comes across as the ''bad cop'' when he disciplines his children.

The 42-year-old actor believes he is a lot more strict on his four-year-old fraternal twins Gideon and Harper, who were born via a surrogate mother, than his husband David Burtka, whom he married in 2014 following a decade of dating.

Speaking to, the former 'Big Bang Theory' star said he's the ''bad cop when it comes to disciplining the kids'' and believes his parenting style is similar to a ''camp counsellor'' rather than a ''maternal nurturer.''

However, Neil is confident he's become a better listener since he became a father to the youngsters in late 2010.

He added: ''With kids you need to be able to answer their questions in earnest and you need to try and get from the way they are asking the question to what they might actually be wanting to know. The more communicative they have become, the sweeter it's been for me.''

Meanwhile, the handsome star is currently busy his new NBC series 'Best Time Ever' but has managed to find a balance between his busy work schedule and family life.

He said: ''We manage our time really well. Our kids are included in our world if we are travelling somewhere they come with us when they can. We don't stay apart too long and we are a very inclusive family.''