It’s been a hugely eventful year for Neil Patrick Harris as he makes the announcement that he is to make a guest appearance in ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’. He will appear in the final two episodes of 2014 playing the part of a salesman, while his husband David Burtka will star in the season finale in the new year, according to TVLine.

Neil Patrick Harris AHS
Neil Patrick Harris will guest star in 'American Horror Story: Freak Show', capping off a busy year.

In another casting announcement, Lily Rabe will also be making a guest re-appearance, and reportedly reprising her role as Sister Mary Eunice from 'AHS'’ second series ‘Asylum’, according to

Harris was recently announced as the host for the Oscars early next year, and was yesterday confirmed as the host of an upcoming weekly NBC variety show that will effectively follow the same format as ITV’s ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ in Britain. Though he’ll hopefully be significantly better than the obnoxious Ant & Dec.

He also saw his long-running role as womanising lothario Barney Stinson come to an end as the final season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ wrapped up for good at the start of the year, and had a supporting role in the recent hit movie Gone Girl.

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Harris has long made it known that he’d love to be involved in 'AHS', saying back in July: "I wrote a letter to Ryan [Murphy, the show’s co-creator] asking if I can be in it, even though I wasn't even available to be in it…I just love those series and ‘Coven’ was fantastic…to do one that involves any kind of freak, circus nonsense is going to be so unsettling to watch. Can’t wait!”

Since it began in 2011, 'AHS' has become increasingly popular and is now on its fourth season. Each has dealt with a distinctive storyline or theme separate from the previous seasons, and this year’s ‘Freak Show’ deals with the topic of discrimination, specifically the alienation and isolation experienced by those dubbed by mainstream society as ‘freaks’.

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