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2011 Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame Stars Inducted

Alice Cooper has warned he may be the first act to be kicked out of the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame. The 'School's Out' singer was inducted into the US institution last night (14.03.11)...

Alice Cooper's Hall Of Fame Tuxedos

Alice Cooper had "special tuxedos" made for him and his band's induction into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame last night (14.03.11). The shock rocker was officially admitted to the hall in a ceremony...

Neil Diamond In Round-the-world Dash To Attend His Own Hall Of Fame Induction

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Neil Diamond faced a race against time to attend the ceremony in New York on Monday (14Mar11) - he flew into the U.S. from Australia just in time.The...

Adele Suffered Tampon Embarrassment At Diamond Tribute Gig

British singer ADELE was left mortified following her performance at a NEIL DIAMOND tribute gig in 2009, when she realised the star-studded audience had become transfixed by a tampon she had strapped to her bloody...

Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees 2011 Announced

Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Tom Waits and Darlene Love will be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame.The annual crop of five musical acts will be added to the US institution...

Beastie Boys And Tom Waits Nominated For Hall Of Fame

BEASTIE BOYS and TOM WAITS are among a new batch of nominees announced for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, reports BBC News. The eclectic list also includes the rockers BON JOVI, singer-songwriters DONOVAN...

Diamond Pays Tribute To Late Pal Greenwich

NEIL DIAMOND has paid a touching tribute to singer/songwriter ELLIE GREENWICH, who died from a heart attack last week (ends28Aug09), crediting her for his career.Greenwich, who sang background vocals on many of Diamond's biggest hits,...

Limp Bizkit's Diamond Songs

Fred Durst said the new Limp Bizkit album will sound like Neil Diamond. When asked about their reformation, Fred said he is delighted to have renewed his friendship with guitarist Wes Borland, who has twice...

Neil Diamond To Rock Out With Durst?

Music legend NEIL DIAMOND is planning a bizarre collaboration with LIMP BIZKIT rocker FRED DURST, after the odd pair met online using social networking site Durst reached out to the Sweet Caroline star on the...

Diamond Credits Sick Girlfriend For Album Success

NEIL DIAMOND's sick Australian girlfriend inspired much of the singer's hit new album HOME BEFORE DARK - because she was undergoing agonising back surgery as he was writing tunes. The singer/songwriter reveals partner Rae Farley...

Diamond: 'My First Wife Made Me A Star'

Legendary crooner NEIL DIAMOND credits his first wife with his successful music career, because she inspired him to begin writing songs. The Sweet Caroline hitmaker realised he had a talent after he successfully seduced Jayne...

Diamond: 'My Girl Is Deaf'

NEIL DIAMOND fears his girlfriend RACHEL FARLEY has never heard his music properly - she's 70 per cent deaf. The 64-year-old crooner has kept quiet about his lover's disability but recently opened up while...

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