Today Show Anchor Retires: It's been a successful 32-years for Mike Leonard, after he landed a job in TV,  following his home movies. Over three decades later, after becoming one of NBC's most loved personalities, Leonard is calling it a day.

He carved a niche within news reporting - which is becoming harder and harder to do - by talking to, and about, people who rise to the call of duty but remain below the threshold of celebrities. Everyday people doing extraordinary things become the kind of story Leonard was famous for, and no doubt the way he'd like to be remembered. That or the action figure doll modelled after him. In 1989, Leonard had the honor of having a G.I. Joe figure sculpted after his likeness by Hasbro. They named their character, Scoop, whose given name was "Leonard Michaels" in honor of the real newsman. Scoop was also in the communications field, just like his inspiration. Now if that isn't the all-American dream, what is?

"Your stories...are a microcosm of you," said Matt Lauer after Mike's final segment aired. "They all have incredible heart, they're told with kindness, and hope, and modesty. They are understated and yet so powerful, and that is you in a nutshell." He leaves the show with fond memories and a legion of fans. Good luck to the next anchor!