It looks like NBC are giving up the ghost on Smash, the Broadway musical they’d hoped to turn into a TV ratings smash. The network have revealed that they are to move the show from its slot on Tuesday evenings to Saturday nights, a sure fire sign in the TV world that a show is on its last legs.

The show is currently midway through its second season, but will now play out the final episodes of it on Saturday nights, where it will more than likely get buried during the traditionally low-viewing period. The move starts on April 6th. The network have announced that they do have a potential replacement for the Tuesday slot, with reality contest Ready For Love expected to fill the void and hopefully make up for Smash’s abysmal ratings, which began during the first season and failed to pick up for season two.

NBC’s trust in a reality show to fill the void lies in the one bona fide sustained ratings success it currently possesses, the singing show The Voice, which continues to punch above its weight and battle with more established rivals like American Idol and X Factor. It will surely do better than Smash anyway, which was undone by a series of critical damnations, which found plotholes and weak acting galore.