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30th September 2015

Fact: Actress Naya Rivera has called her baby boy Josey Hollis Dorsey. The former Glee star was reported to have given birth to her first child with husband Ryan Dorsey in August (15), but a birth certificate obtained by editors at reveals the tot was actually born on 17 September (15) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

4th February 2015

Fact: Glee star Naya Rivera has lined up another Tv gig by joining the cast of U.S. soap Devious Maids. The actress will conclude her six-season run on musical comedy Glee when the programme ends in March (15).

19th January 2015

Quote: "My husband will tell me like, 'Turn off the Google (sic)'. I don't have Twitter on my phone anymore because he's like, 'That's toxic', and I think that that sort of relationship works that way... You need someone who has the things that you don't have." Naya Rivera reveals her husband Ryan Dorsey has helped the Glee star cut down on her Internet usage while out and about.

23rd July 2014

Fact: Glee star Naya Rivera has adopted her new husband Ryan Dorsey's last name to reflect their new relationship status. She has changed her profile to read "Naya Rivera Dorsey". The couple wed in secret on Saturday (19Jul14) in Mexico and announced the news on Wednesday (23Jul14), just three months after the actress' engagement to rapper Big Sean was called off.

17th December 2013

Quote: "We were going through a tough time after having to film that third episode (after Cory Monteith's death), so the mood was down, and when she came on it was just like having a new friend and she brought a light and energy to the set." Naya Rivera on adding Demi Lovato to the cast of Glee.

7th November 2013

Fact: Newly-engaged Glee star Naya Rivera has topped a new Latin Hot List poll. The sexy star, who plays lesbian Santana on the hit show, graces the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine, wearing only high heels, a black bodice and jewellery around her neck after editors picked her ahead of writers Jonas Cuaron and Daniel Alarcon, singer Draco Rosa and rapper Becky G, among others to top their latest list.

1st November 2013

Quote: "He's called Big Sean because he puts big rocks on pretty ladies' hands." Newly-engaged Naya Rivera jokes about the origin of her fiance Big Sean's name.

1st November 2013

Fact: Glee star Naya Rivera's brother Mychal plays tight end for American football team the Oakland Raiders. The 23-year-old recently scored his first Nfl touchdown in a game against the Washington Redskins.

1st November 2013

Fact: Newly-engaged Glee star Naya Rivera was in for shock as a guest on Arsenio Hall's revamped U.S. chat show on Wednesday night (30Oct13) - the host aired footage of her first appearance on his programme 22 years ago. Then just four, Rivera appeared alongside family friend Redd Foxx.

18th September 2013

Quote: "I made out with her, like, in my trailer before we shot the scene, so I just warmed her up." Glee star Naya Rivera on preparing to play Demi Lovato's lesbian lover on the hit show.

18th September 2013

Quote: "I had followed him and then he sent me a little message that was like, 'I'm a fan, keep up the good work'... He was overseas on tour and so I had to wait two and a half weeks but then we went for dinner and the rest is history." Glee star Naya Rivera on her courtship with rapper boyfriend Big Sean.

3rd September 2013

Quote: "We know so many who are in the public eye dating somebody, and they're going in through back entrances and won't make eye contact with each other. That's just not us." Actress Naya Rivera insists her romance with rapper Big Sean will always be in the spotlight.

18th August 2013

Quote: "She's the best thing that ever happened to me. She's one of those people that you can connect to, and I think she's going to be a superstar." Rapper Big Sean gushes about his girlfriend, sexy Glee star Naya Rivera.

17th August 2013

Fact: Glee star Naya Rivera landed her first acting gig as a baby, crawling across the screen in a diaper for a commercial for U.S. department store KMart.

11th August 2013

Fact: Glee beauty Naya Rivera has recruited her rapper boyfriend Big Sean to record a verse on her debut single, Sorry.

31st July 2013

Quote: "(My mum) got my name off of Fantasy Island, and this was way before she was even pregnant... She was watching Fantasy Island and the story goes that this water goddess emerged from the water and goes, 'I am Naya', and she goes, 'That's it!'" Glee beauty Naya Rivera reveals her mother drew inspiration for her name from the hit 1970s Tv drama.

15th July 2013

Quote: "The entire Glee family and I are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Cory was and always will be a part of my own family and a good friend. He was a special part of this world and will forever be missed. My heart goes out to Cory's family and Lea (Michele)." Actress/singer Naya Rivera adds her personal tribute to Cory Monteith after her Glee co-star was found dead in a Vancouver, Canada hotel over the weekend (13Jul13).

10th July 2013

Quote: "This relationship is so special just because it's one of those weird things when you really meet somebody that you're like, 'Oh my gosh. Where have you been this whole time?' I feel like we're soulmates and we know each other and we're on the same page about everything. It clicks, and it works. It's so easy and fun. I'm genuinely such a better person now that he's around." Glee star Naya Rivera coos about rapper boyfriend Big Sean.

22nd April 2013

Quote: "He's such an amazing person, and it takes a lot to be able to admit that you have a problem and then seek help. We're all one big family, and he's a member of our family so we want to see him better." Naya Rivera has thrown her support behind her Glee co-star Cory Monteith as he battles his demons in rehab.

31st August 2012

Tweet: "Just got off the phone with Elton John! Elton John!! Freaking out a little bit." Glee actress Naya Rivera is star-struck after a chat with the Rocket Man.

20th April 2012

Fact: Glee stars Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera and Chris Colfer have recorded an a capella version of Whitney Houston's How Will I Know for an upcoming tribute episode to the late singer, which will air in the U.S. on Tuesday (23Apr12).

28th March 2012

Quote: "I think I'm obsessed with Coco! She's a beautiful woman. She's curvy and what a woman should look like. And so sweet!" Glee star Naya Rivera has a crush on rapper/actor Ice-T's busty wife.

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