What on earth is going on between Naya Rivera and Glee? On Wednesday, multiple reports, notably by The New York Daily News and Us Weekly, claimed that Rivera had been axed from Glee ahead of the  season finale, because of disagreements with the producers and co-star Lea Michele. More recently however, several different websites have come out, citing the actress’ rep as saying that the rumors are untrue."Any reports or rumors circulating that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from Glee are absolutely untrue. End of story," the rep told The Hollywood Reporter.

Naya Rivera
So is Rivera leaving Glee or not?

In April, Us Weekly reported on an alleged on-set conflict between Rivera and Michele.

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"Naya is jealous that Lea is the show's main star," the website quoted a supposed “insider”. Another unnamed source apparently added that the rivals "talk behind each other's backs— a lot." It hardly sounds like the kind of problem that would end a professional relationship, however. According to the New York Daily News, Rivera’s alleged departure had nothing to do with on set rivalries.

Naya Rivera
On-set feuds probably aren't the problem.

"She went off," a source told The News about the on-set spat. "But it had nothing to do with Lea."

Apparently the original report of Rivera’s exit came from a site, called PopWrapped, which in turn claimed that the news had been passed on to the site’s founder, Zachary Jaydon, by an “anonymous insider”. It’s a very long and complicated media game of telephone, but for now, it should be safe to assume that Rivera is staying on as her character, Santana Lopez, at least until the end of the current season.

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