Actresses including Naya Rivera, Jennifer Morrison stripped down for nude shots by famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier for the 'Look Better Naked' issue of Allure, though Amanda Seyfried kept her clothes on throughout. It wasn't that the Les Miserables actress was opposed to it though, "I would have, but my publicist wouldn't let me!" she apparently told a friend at a dinner celebrating the new issue, according to the New York Post.

Regardless, Seyfried appeared to make up for the lack of flesh by giving some pretty raunchy answers during the accompanying interview. When asked what advice she was given by her vocal coach for Les Miserables, the actress said she was told to imagine "deep-throating a penis, get that feeling in the back of your throat, and then sing. That's where you larynx is." All that effort and it was Anne Hathaway who ended up winning the Oscar!

Allure's 'Look Better Naked' issue will be available on April 22, 2013. Others posing nude include Cougar Town's Christa Miller and Nashville's Clare Bowen. "My body isn't going to look like this forever. I think it's lovely to have that preservation," the latter said, reflected on the shoot. Jennifer Morrison had a similar outlook, "It hasn't been a conscious choice, but [those offers] don't really come my way," she said. "Maybe this shoot will change that. I've always been an active person, and working out is part of my life."

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfriend At The Oscars 2013