For six seasons, ABC series 'Lost' managed to mystify viewers with its intense and unique storytelling. Introducing viewers to a cast of characters that managed to survive a plane crash on what seemed like a deserted island with no way off, the world became obsessed with a plot that would never fully deliver on all of the questions it posed throughout the years.

Naveen Andrews has gone from strength to strength since starring in 'Lost'Naveen Andrews has gone from strength to strength since starring in 'Lost'

Kicking off in 2004 and ending in 2010, the series - from creators J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof - is now technically a thing of the past, but conversation around the show fails to ever let up. That's something that's more real for the actors who were involved in the series than anyone else, as proved in a new interview with Naveen Andrews, who played Sayid Jarrah in the series.

Speaking to Collider, the actor was asked whether or not he was satisfied with the direction the show took and in particular, if he was pleased with the series' ending. His answer would suggest not.

"It would be nice to feel personally satisfied," he replied, "but in the end, you're serving the text and the script. Personally, I think it would have been really nice, if 'Lost' had just one season. I look back at that first season of 'Lost', even though it's been almost a decade or so, and it was unparalleled. It was genuinely unusual for the time."

Explaining his thoughts, he reasoned: "Other networks are choosing to have limited runs and limited seasons for a reason. It means the quality is really high. It's an extraordinary medium. You can do things with TV that you just can't do on film. There's so much more time, there's the opportunity for development, and you can let things lay dormant for a period. You can't really do that in two hours or three hours in a movie, that often, I would say."

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Now starring in Netflix original series 'Sense8' from The Wachowskis, and with his CBS pilot 'Instinct' being perused by the network who are looking to pick up new shows, it's clear that the actor is enjoying a healthy career. Let's hope that these shows eventually give him an ending he can be happy with.