Kings Of Leon star Nathan Followill had his physical therapist among the group's entourage at the Coachella Festival in California on Friday (15Apr11) - to make sure recent surgery on his arm didn't ruin the band's headlining set.
The group recently scrapped a series of March (11) shows when the drummer injured his shoulder, but he has recuperated faster than expected.
Speaking backstage before the band's set, he told, "I had shoulder surgery on December 23rd, and they told me I wouldn’t be able to play for probably nine months. Well, that was three and a half months ago."
He performed a handful of warm-up concerts before Coachella but wasn't taking any chances at the festival.
He adds, "I didn’t want to get out there and the first show be Coachella and have my arm fall off... I got my therapist here. I’m going to get worked out for about an hour before we go on, maybe take a pain pill or two."
The show appeared to go off without a hitch late on Friday night, suggesting the physical therapist's efforts and the pills worked for the drummer.