The end of Game of Thrones is nigh with the final six episodes in season eight due to air in April this year. So far, star Maisie Williams has said some fans may not be satisfied with the 'unexpected' ending while Kit Harington has said he is 'not happy but very satisfied' with the way things conclude.

Nathalie EmmanuelGame of Thrones actress, Nathalie Emmanuel, has said the ending is 'brilliant'

Now another GOT star has revealed what they think of the final curtain of the hugely popular fantasy show and Nathalie Emmanuel has been much more positive about it - describing it as a 'brilliant' ending that does it 'justice'.

The 29-year-old plays Daenerys' trusted advisor Missandei and made the bold claim that series 8 is 'better than any series' yet.

Nathalie said: "It’s going to be amazing and better than any series we have had so far. It does the final series justice, it is so brilliant."

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The actress admitted she was 'sad' she won't be returning to film with her Game of Thrones co-stars as she revealed their goodbyes were 'bitter sweet'.

She added: "'It’s bitter sweet, I think it’s come to its natural end. We had such a beautiful time and we have such an amazing cast that has been through so much together.

"I think there is a really integrity to that and I completely support that and I am sad it’s ending, because I don’t get to go back and work with my friends next year or this year, so that’s sad but I think it’s a good time to. It’s an end of an era."

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During series seven, viewers were finally treated to a happy ending between Missandei and her lover Grey Worm who finally consummated their relationship in episode two.

After multiple series of uncertainty, the perfect couple finally pleased fans and showed their true love for each other.