Review of The Only Bridge I Need EP by Nate Campany

Review of Nate Campany & The Serenade's EP The Only Bridge I Need

Nate Campany The Only Bridge I Need EP

The Ohio born, but Brooklyn based Nate Campany is a professional singer songwriter who has penned songs for the likes of The Backstreet Boys and Morningwood. This EP was recorded live in the studio, a rarity in these times.

'The Only Bridge I Know' is his debut EP and has support from 12 piece band, The Serenade. The opening track 'Stockholm, Paris, New York' is a country song, as are all of the tracks on the single, with a pop edge to it. Although it probably won't appeal to the mainstream this will find a home within a large audience, country fans, MOR fans, easy listening. With musicians like Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) inadvertently bringing country to the masses, when the masses don't even realise it; Nate Campany can only benefit.

Second track 'Shown' exhibits some pedal steel and catchy guitar fills which give the track instant charm. Followed by 'I Could Sing' a more traditional country song and the laidback 'This Is The End', the EP has an honest feel to it and will be appreciated by many.

Pablo Roffey

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