NBC's newest reality show 'American Dream Builders' is here to take over your life. So, be warned. Premiering tonight (March 23, 2014), the show features 12 designers and homebuilder handpicked by decorating guru Nate Berkus. The designers are split into two teams with each side tasked with renovating the home of one two lucky families.

Nate BerkusNate Berkus Hosts 'American Dream Builders'

"I wanted to do a show that showcased the best of American design" Berkus told the Chicago Tribune, "I also really wanted people who were established in their own communities, people who were total professionals and who had reputations that they wanted to protect. For me, that really raised the stakes because these people were not fighting to become the next big thing; in their minds, they already are."

Critic David Hinckley is unconvinced by the new show, writing in the New York Daily News, "We see personalities emerge, some helpful and some obnoxious. We see people who made bad decisions try to lay off the blame. We see designers who don't understand practical considerations like time. We see builders who don't accommodate design.We see people who have been assigned to work together show no ability to do so," - which should make the show irresistibly addictive, then. 

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Viewers of the show will be encouraged to submit a photo or video of a home project and enter a competition for the chance to win a $100,000 in products and services from Lowe's, as well as a consultation from the winner of 'American Dream Builders.'

Will you be watching 'American Dream Builders' tonight?

Watch Nate Berkus leaving the NBC studios - in a great mood: