When 22.06.2013

The cast and crew of the new Netflix comedy drama series 'Orange Is The New Black'; including executive producer Jenji Kohan, star Uzo Aduba and author of the original memoir Piper Kerman; talk about the importance of race and sexuality in relation to prison life.

'Race is a really big organising principle in prison especially initially', says Piper. 'If you're a new fish and you're white then the white women will come forward and get you what you need and. if you're black then the black women... and the Latino women.' Uzo adds: ''When you think about race at Lichfield, it's huge and it's really a major part of the story and how things are broken up.' On sex and sexuality Jenji admits it's a huge part of the story: 'Everyone's thinking about it, we yearn for it, it's connection, it's relationship, it's pleasure, it's all those things and why should it be different in prison?' She explains.


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