Natasha Bedingfield regrets not being more friendly towards Lady GaGa when the pop superstar supported her on tour.

The 'Unwritten' singer was a huge superstar while the 'Poker Face' hitmaker was still unknown when she served as her opening act in 2008 and Natasha wishes she'd done more to reach out and offer encouragement to the then-aspiring starlet instead of being too busy with her own career commitments.

She told new! magazine: ''If I could go back and change one decision it would be to take time to connect with Lady Gaga when she was opening for me on tour. I was wrapped up in all the promo, meet and greets and rehearsing, but I wish I'd found a way to reach beyond myself and encourage her. I'd already had some hits at that point and she hadn't.''

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old singer revealed she has an unusual way of tackling writer's block.

She explained: ''My hidden talent is that I can stand on my head. If I've got writer's block, I do a headstand and imagine it helps shake the ideas into my head.''

Natasha is very ''spiritual'' and believes her music comes from a place outside of herself.

She said: ''I'm a spiritual person and feel - especially with music - that I'm tapping into something outside of myself. Someone can fill a room with their energy. Once I was on a plane next to Samuel L. Jackson and there was this kind of glow. He had this magnetism that makes you feel good.''

And in the years to come, the 'These Words' hitmaker hopes to be remembered for the impact her music had on people.

She said: ''I'd like to be remembered for making music that moves people and for people to feel loved by me.''