Natasha Bedingfield feels ''honoured'' to be a mother to her son Solomon.

The 38-year-old singer welcomed her two-year-old son Solomon with her husband Matt Robinson in New Year's Eve in 2017, and has now said she feel blessed that the tot ''chose'' her to be his mother.

She gushed: ''He's such an amazing, positive kid. And I experienced an amazing grace, beyond my understanding, of being able to ride through hard times feeling at peace. I think it's because of all the people around me and because Solomon's truly an amazing human. I'm so honoured he chose me to be his mom.''

Solomon underwent two surgeries for a brain abscess last year, and the 'Unwritten' hitmaker recalled being terrified during the ''traumatic'' experience.

Natasha said: ''He just suddenly couldn't talk. I thought he was pretending or playing, then he couldn't move half his body.

''When you go through something traumatic, you go into survival mode, then when it's safe, you start realising, 'Whoa, that was scary.' It's so scary when you realise how fragile a life is and how your heart could be broken at any point. It was definitely a recalibration. It makes you think about what's important.''

And now, Natasha says she's even thankful for the times when Solomon is misbehaving, because she can see how ''healthy'' he is.

She added: ''If there's moments where I'm frustrated because he's a toddler and expressing his will, I remind myself to be grateful that he's so healthy and is expressing his will.''

During her son's health battle, the 'Pocketful of Sunshine' singer admits she thought there was ''no hope'', but had to remind herself not to ''give up''.

Speaking to ET Canada, she explained: ''There's definitely times in life when it feels like there's no hope or worst-case scenarios can come true - things you're terrified of. In those moments, it's so important not to get jaded or give up.''