Natalie Portman ''channels Sofia Coppola'' when directing.

The 'Black Swan' actress has taken the helm on 'A Tale of Love and Darkness' and admits she finds it quite stressful, so tries to conduct herself in the same way as the 'Virgin Suicides' director, who she has previously worked with on Miss Dior campaigns.

She said: ''Sofia is so talented and so calm and she really has a vision.

''I thought about her a lot when I was directing because she is just unflappable, so cool in any situation.

''So whenever I would feel myself getting stressed, I'd try and channel Sofia.''

Natalie is relishing life behind the camera because it gives her so much more control.

She said: ''It's a lot of responsibility, but a wonderful opportunity to own your work at the end.

''When you make a film as an actor, whether it turns out good or bad, I always have to either credit or blame the director. It's a director's medium.''

The 33-year-old beauty believes there needs to be more opportunities for female directors in film.

She told Red magazine: ''I love male stories, they help me see the world in different ways.

''But we need more opportunities for women. I don't think it's that fewer women want to direct, because in film school there are equal numbers of men and women.

''I think there are institutional biases against women that don't allow them to have as many opportunities, or as comfortable with them being in leadership roles.''