Natalie Portman may be well known for her elegant film roles in the likes of 'Black Swan' and 'Star Wars', but she's still got an amazing sense of humour. She proved as much with a profanity-laden rap during her stint as guest host on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Natalie Portman at the LA Dance Projects Annual GalaNatalie Portman at the LA Dance Projects Annual Gala

The 36-year-old returned to 'SNL' with another hilarious rap number along the same lines of her last venture on the show in 2006. Her ultimate hip-hop music video is intertwined with her interview with Beck Bennett's character.

'I was going through a really weird time then but I've matured a lot', she explains, as she is asked about her last appearance on the show which got 'a little out of control', before launching into her latest rap onslaught.

The lyrics (most of which are too obscene to repeat here) include references to her ballet director husband Benjamin Millepied, being a mother, the Tide Pod eating challenge and of course the new 'Star Wars' movies. Essentially, the more recent developments in her life - though she does briefly reprise her role as Padme.

It also ends with her pinning a 'Time's Up' badge to Beck's forehead before launching him out of the window. More fun from Natalie Portman included a 'Stranger Things 3' sketch in which she played Eleven, and a First Lady skit where she played Jackie Kennedy trying to advise Melania Trump on her duties. 

Meanwhile, her opening monologue came alongside a Winter Olympics style commentary, but she was never going to avoid dropping in a political joke as she went. 'The last time I hosted was in 2006. Back then I was promoting 'V For Vendetta'', she said. 'Now the whole country's kind of promoting 'V For Vendetta'.'

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The actress will next appear in the fantasy drama 'Annihilation' alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson. Due for release on February 23rd, it's all about a biologist who ventures into a biological disaster zone where nature has evolved beyond anything they can imagine.