Natalie Portman loves how her latest Miss Dior perfume ad focuses on the female character's pleasure.

The 39-year-old actress has hailed the beauty brand for making a fragrance commercial where the woman's "expression of herself" is the focus rather than being smelled by a man.

Speaking to WWD, she said of her character in the film: “It’s so much about this woman wanting to be really paying attention to her own pleasure.

“You really get the sense that she wants the fragrance for herself, as an expression of herself. And I love that, because that’s really felt like a shift from the early days of [fragrance ads] always being about romance and, you know, someone else smelling you. With this, you get the sense that she’s enjoying her own scent.”

The 'Black Swan' star loved being at one with nature filming the ad.

She said: “It was so beautiful to be really outside with the ocean, the fields and with the trees."

Speaking about how the promo reflects the "earthiness" of the new incarnation of the iconic fragrance, she added: “It’s still so much about roses.

“But then it’s also got so much earthiness to it. I think you feel it in the film, too. You’ve got this feeling of the forest with these top notes of the flowers. And I think it’s also so much about this character, too. You’ve got this love and sensuality and wildness, but also something quite grounded and engaged with nature, and real, something very true.”

Natalie also hailed the French luxury fashion house for the level of "detail" that goes into their products.

The 'Thor: Love and Thunder'star - who has been a part of the Dior family for a decade - added: “Everyone’s just really lovely, and you can really feel the attention and respect to detail and this artistry of all the thousands of people who work on the fragrance and the clothes.

“It’s all so, so much handwork. People making beautiful things with their hands.”