Natalia Vodianova has insisted pre-nuptial agreements are good for relationships because they keep things focused on ''love''.

The Russian supermodel is currently engaged to fashion mogul Antoine Arnault and, just as she did before marrying her first husband, aristocrat Justin Portman, she plans to sign a contract which will set out how their assets will be divided in the event of a separation.

And Natalia insisted the documents are not unromantic because it helps couples focus on staying together for the right reasons.

She said: ''No. When you build a relationship for life you have to have discussed all possible scenarios. If you love each other you will want to love each other even if you separate, and the best way to keep the relationship amicable is to have a solid agreement in place. You stay together for the right reasons as well because the financial side, which can be the very painful part of a relationship, is out of the way and it's just love.''

Natalia and Antoine - who have Maxim, six, and Roman, four, together - have been together eight years but only got engaged in January and she admitted that was because her divorce put her off the idea of tying the knot again.

She said: ''Honestly, after the last divorce I wasn't rushing to get married. But time has shown that this relationship is very strong.''

The 37-year-old model - who also has Lucas, 18, Neva, 13, and Viktor, 12, with Justin - admitted she's enjoyed the lockdown period amid the coronavirus pandemic because she's finally been able to catch up on her sleep.

She told The Times Weekend magazine: ''It was the longest time since I was a teenager I have spent in one place, with my family, not travelling.

''And I hadn't slept enough in years because even now the kids are older, I like to be up early in the mornings to see them off to school. But in lockdown I've slept eight or nine hours a night, it's beautiful.''