Naomi Watts thinks the female voice is ''more powerful'' than ever in Hollywood.

The 46-year-old British actress has claimed that although there remains a gender inequality between the sexes, things are moving in the right direction.

She reflected: ''It feels like the woman's voice, overall, is more powerful [these days].

''And as I get older ... you have a stronger sense of yourself about what you need and what you want. And so you're able to be more proactive about going out there and making it happen.

''And there are a lot more female directors around and a lot more successful female writers, it feels like it's opening up.''

Despite this, Naomi acknowledged that inequality remains rife within the movie business, saying she has witnessed it at first hand.

She told Vogue Australia magazine: ''[But] it's still not anywhere near equal! I know first-hand, and it's absolutely 100 per cent true.''

Earlier this year, Naomi credited her friend Nicole Kidman with helping to build her self-belief and establish herself in Hollywood.

She said: ''I was lucky that Nicole Kidman was always there to support me, console me, keep my spirits up and help me believe in myself. She's been such a good friend over the years.''