Naomi Watts' fine hair is a "nightmare".

The 52-year-old actress and Onda Beauty co-founder has opened up about her struggles with her locks, which she puts down to "overusing hot tools" and "hormones".

She told The New York Times: "My hair is a nightmare. I’ve always had fine hair, but I was told I had lots of it. Now that’s not the case. Reaching a certain age, I think hormones play a part as well as overusing hot tools. And there’s the colour. I definitely colour my hair. I’m naturally blonde, but I’m very, very ashy. I definitely need a little brightening. There’s no way around the damage, though."

The 'Penguin Bloom' star recently got to go to her hairdressers for the first time since salons re-opened after lockdown and admitted she didn't expect to feel as good as she did with her fresh hairdo.

She continued: "I go to Mark DeBolt for my colour. Ryan, his partner in life and in business, has also done my hair for film and red carpets. They had just opened their salon before COVID struck. I went recently for the first time in a year. It felt really good. I couldn’t quite believe it when I stepped out of the salon.

I use Rahua leave-in conditioners and control cream. I also take supplements. I’ve been using those from Nutrafol and Mindbodygreen."

Elsewhere, the mother-of-two - who has Kai, 12, and Sasha, 13, with ex-partner Liev Schreiber - revealed she is a "physical person" and got really into her fitness amid the pandemic.

She said: "Fitness is a big part of my life. It’s great for mood, isn’t it? I’m a physical person. I like to move my body. I bounce around because I can get bored easily. With the pandemic we got heavily into exercise and working out online with our friends, filming ourselves, and now what? It’s hard to sustain.

"I exercise three times a week. I love a bit of strength training. I do Zoom classes with a guy called Keith Anthony. It’s all on the matt with some weights and some lunges and squats. I do yoga."