Naomi Watts tries to be a ''normal mum''.

The 'Sea of Trees' actress and her partner Liev Schreiber don't want sons Sasha, eight and Samuel, six, to have a privileged but sheltered upbringing, so do their best to keep things as down-to-earth as possible.

She said: ''Certainly there are things in my life that reflect the fact I've become successful in this industry, I've earned a certain amount of money, but it's not all like that.

''And I don't want it to be all like that. I don't want to be driven around in a car all the time. We were in Paris recently and there was a car available for us, but I wanted my kids to walk - I wanted them to see the city!'

''We struggled to create that balance but, knock on wood, it's been OK so far.

''I try to be the 'normal mum', it's just who I am. It wouldn't be normal for me to operate quote-un-quote like a 'just a movie star'. ''

The 46-year-old actress still doesn't think women are regarded as equal to men in Hollywood but she thinks some progress has been made.

She told Australia's Vogue magazine: ''It feels like the woman's voice, overall, is more powerful [these days].

''And as I get older ... you have a stronger sense of yourself about what you need and what you want. And so you're able to be more proactive about going out there and making it happen.

''And there are a lot more female directors around and a lot more successful female writers, it feels like it's opening up. [But] it's still not anywhere near equal! I know first-hand, and it's absolutely 100 per cent true.''