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Mulholland Drive Trailer

When a young women finds herself with amnesia following a car accident on Mulholland Drive, she adopts the name Rita and joins forces with an actress named Betty to try and re-discover who she is and where she was going with a strange blue key and a bag full of money. Meanwhile, a filmmaker named Adam Kesher gets roped into a mob deal, and other characters are being stalked by a mysterious and terrifying figure. Doppelgangers, betrayed love and murder line the plot as bit-by-bit Rita makes connections to her memories. Blurring the lines between illusion and reality, dreams and wakefulness, David Lynch gets into the core of the human condition with this surreal mystery.

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Shut In Trailer

Mary Portman is suffering greatly with the grief of the death of her husband Richard, who died in a road accident that left their son Steven completely paralyzed. Her days are now split between caring for Steven and her job as a child psychologist. When she meets her new patient, a young boy called Tom who has lost his mother, she becomes somewhat attached to him despite his resistance. When he comes to stay with her, she feels like she has her son back, but soon he goes missing and is presumed to have died in the freezing conditions. However, she's convinced that she has seen Tom in the house - and not just him alone. She thinks there's something in her home and when she discovers scratches on Steven's face, she knows she's got to do something.

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Naomi Watts And Liev Schreiber Announce Their Separation

Naomi Watts Liev Schreiber

And another one bites the dust! The celebrity couples just keep on falling and this time it’s Australian actress Naomi Watts and her partner of 11 years Liev Schreiber that have called it a day. The pair have been together since 2005 and share two sons but never made it down the aisle.

Naomi Watts and Liev SchreiberThe Hollywood couple have called time on their 11-year relationship

In a joint statement released by the two, they said: "Over the past few months, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way forward for us as a family is to separate as a couple.

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Demolition Review


With its darkly emotive themes and brittle humour, this well-made drama by Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyers Club) isn't quite what it appears to be. It's not, for example, an exploration of grief, although that's in here. And it also isn't meant to be taken literally, because it's more of a parable. The main clue is in the moment when the central character comments that everything in his life seems to be a metaphor. Indeed it is. And this heightened sense of meaning makes the entire film unusually vivid.

The film opens as Wall Street banker Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal) emerges unscratched from a car crash that kills his beautiful wife Julia (Heather Lind). Unable to grieve, he begins to feel like the world around him is shifting inexplicably. So he starts taking things apart to see how they work, or why they don't. Soon he's dismantling his entire house. His father-in-law Phil (Chris Cooper), who is also his boss, becomes increasingly perplexed at Davis' erratic behaviour. And the only person Davis confides in is customer services rep Karen (Naomi Watts) and her confused 15-year-old son Chris (Judah Lewis). As Davis worms his way into their world, he slowly begins to see his own life more clearly.

This is a film about how some people let themselves drift along in the expected ways, never questioning what happens even though it doesn't feel quite right. In Davis' case, his wife's death jolts him awake. He begins to see the real world around him for the first time, including the absurdities of the life he had built around himself. Gyllenhaal invests Davis with remarkable layers of emotion as a generally cheerful guy being pulled apart from within by something he initially can't understand. His reactions to people around him grow increasingly more honest as the film progresses. And by the end, he's defying expectations and conventions in ways that feel shocking but are actually bracingly truthful.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Review


After the more thrilling Insurgent, this saga reverts to the talky style of the original Divergent movie, constantly explaining this post-apocalyptic world's convoluted mythology before indulging in whizzy action that has little to do with the story or characters. It's a strange step back for a franchise that has such a strong cast and high production values. And this movie also feels frustratingly incomplete, because it's only based on the first half of Veronica Roth's third and final novel (a fourth film, Ascendant, is due next year).

When we last saw our hero Tris (Shailene Woodley), she and her hunky boyfriend Four (Theo James) had overthrown the nasty Erudite leaders to create a "factionless" society in Chicago under new leader Evelyn (Naomi Watts), Four's mother. But Evelyn's willingness to indulge in military excesses causes a rift with the more peace-loving leader Johanna (Octavia Spencer), sparking a civil war. Bored with this, Tris and Four free Tris' brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort) from death row and escape over the walls out of Chicago along with cohorts Peter and Christina (Miles Teller and Zoe Kravitz). Fleeing into the fringe, they encounter a peaceful, futuristic community called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, run by David (Jeff Daniels). There they learn new facts about their past, but they're unable to ignore the unravelling situation in Chicago.

As in the first film, this script is over-packed with long conversations about the society's complicated set-up, and the Bureau has its own set of issues. Some of this information provides welcome context to the earlier films, but the screenwriters also hold back a lot of key details for next time, so this episode is oddly inconclusive. And that also makes it feel dull and contrived, especially since it leaves the characters' motivations so badly muddled. There's also the problem that these movies continually steal ideas and imagery from other films (this time it's Mad Max and The Truman Show).

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Trailer

In the third instalment of the Divergent series Allegiant, Tris and Four find themselves plunged into a new world and facing far more dangers than ever before.

In the aftermath of the earth-shattering revelations of Insurgent, Tris and Four must go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago and venture into the unknown, leaving the only city and family they have ever known as they fight to survive.

Outside of their home the pair realise that they have spent their lives being monitored and are already known to the rest of the world. But it soon becomes clear that everything is not as it seems and old discoveries are now meaningless thanks to shocking new revelations.

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'Insurgent' Spends More Time On Shailene Woodley And Characterisation

Shailene Woodley Kate Winslet Naomi Watts Octavia Spencer Ashley Judd

Unless you had read the book, last year's hit 'Divergent' probably left you scratching your head about the story set in post-war Chicago, where people are segmented into factions according to their personalities (Dauntless, Candor, Amity, Erudite and Abnegation), plus the factionless rebels and multi-factioned divergents. Basically it all felt rather contrived, and director Neil Burger's movie had to spend too much time trying to explain how it worked.

Maggie Q and Shailene Woodley in 'Divergent'
Maggie Q and Shailene Woodley in 'Divergent'

Now we move into the second chapter, 'Insurgent', and director Robert Schwentke can just get on with the story, playing down the odd structure of this closed-off city. So it's a much more involving movie that centres on the characters themselves, weaving the action into their personal situations while building a much more urgent sense of suspense up to another cliff-hanger ending. This also lets the female-dominated cast members shine, including Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts, plus Octavia Spencer in a key cameo, and Ashley Judd in recurring flashbacks.

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Birdman - Exclusive Featurette

The cast and crew of 'Birdman' discuss the visionary filming techniques behind the movie in a short featurette. Among them are director, writer and producer Alejandro González Iñárritu, producers John Lesher and James W. Skotchdopole, and stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis, Andrea Riseborough and Amy Ryan.

Inarritu explains his initial idea of having the audience see the movie through the eyes of main character Riggan Thomas himself, which resulted in a one-take experience that struck fear in the hearts of the cast who, as Emma reveals, constantly had to be switched on in their roles. We also get a glimpse into the semi-hallucination effects that affect Riggan throughout the movie.

'BiRDMAN (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)' is released in UK cinemas on 1st January 2015.

While We're Young Trailer

Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts) are a middle-aged married couple struggling to keep up with their quickly ageing bodies and still feeling like they're in their twenties. They're tired of pretending to be grown up and the thought of having children becomes an evermore difficult decision. Filmmaker Josh soon meets a 25-year-old couple named Darby (Amanda Seyfried) and Jamie (Adam Driver); a couple that still have their whole lives ahead of them and bathe Josh and Cornelia in a comforting wave of nostalgia. Cornelia has reservations about spending their time with people so much younger than them, but it soon becomes clear that their presence has given Josh a new lease of life and made them realise that they don't have act the age they're expected to act, and they are free to let go to; that is, at least, until Josh is diagnosed with arthritis.

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The Divergent Series: Insurgent - Teaser Trailer

Following the revelation that she is Divergent and not specialised for any of the dystopian Chicago factions, Tris (Shailene Woodley) uncovered a series of intrigue and dishonesty amongst factions. Now, Tris is on the run with her leader Four (Theo James); being chased by the Erudite - a faction based on intelligence - as they plot to become the dominant faction. With Tris' family having sacrificed themselves some great secret, Tris and Four must find out what that is before the Erudite can catch them and win.

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Birdman - Clips

Riggan Thomas (Michael Keeton) is faced with a serious problem. In an attempt to make himself appear relevant in the new world following his role as television superhero Birdman twenty years ago, he has written a stage adaptation of sixty-year-old book. But his problem is, that the actor hired to star in the production has dropped out. The plays producer, Jake (Zach Galifianakis) is in the process of explaining how much trouble they are in, when Lesley (Naomi Watts) explains that her lover, the famous Mike Shiner (Edward Norton) is ready and willing to step into the role. 

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A Week In Movies: Stars Turn Out In For The London Film Festival, As Films Premiere In London And New York, Wahlberg Shoots Ted 2 And Trailers Bow For American Sniper And Ouija

Benedict Cumberbatch Keira Knightley Xavier Dolan Bill Murray Naomi Watts Mark Wahlberg Amanda Seyfried

The Imitation Game

The London Film Festival kicked off this week with the UK premiere of The Imitation Game, attended by stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Mark Strong, Charles Dance, Allen Leech and Matthew Beard. It was a rainy red carpet on Leicester Square, but everyone went on to party into the night after the screening.

Photos - LFF: The Imitation Game premiere

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Video - Naomi Watts Brings Partner Liev Schreiber To New York 'St. Vincent' Premiere - Part 2

Naomi Watts was joined by her 'Ray Donovan' star boyfriend Liev Schreiber as she attended the New York premiere of her latest film 'St. Vincent'. The comedy is about a kid who finds an unlikely friend in his irresponsible new neighbour Vincent - Vincent shows him how to have fun after his parents' divorce, while he shows Vincent how to finally grow up.

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Is Bill Murray's Performance Strong Enough To Save 'St. Vincent' From Critics' Sneers?

Bill Murray Melissa McCarthy Naomi Watts Chris O'Dowd

Critics have plenty to say about St. Vincent, the soon-to-be-released comedy drama written and directed by Theodore Melfi, but not all of it is as positive as the film.

Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy
Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy star in St. Vincent.

Read More: Guess What Bill Murray Went And Did?

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Naomi Watts Opens Up About Regrets: "I Should Have Had More Kids"

Naomi Watts

Australian actress Naomi Watts has undoubtedly had a very successful movie career, and has even been nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Actress, but the cost of having an impressive professional life has been to make sacrifices in her personal life, especially when it comes to family.

Naomi Watts
Watts recently admitted she would have liked having more children

Even though Watts is the proud mother of two children, Sasha, 7, and Kai, 5½, whom she shares with American actor Liev Schreiber, the 45 year-old actress recently revealed she regrets not having more children.

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Naomi Watts To Join "Insurgent" Cast Straight Away, As Rebel Leader

Naomi Watts Shailene Woodley Theo James Zoe Kravitz Miles Teller Kate Winslet Octavia Spencer

The cast of Divergent sequels Insurgent and Allegiant is already taking shape with Naomi Watts being the latest A-lister to join the lineup. The actress joins Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Zoe Kravitz and a number of other celebrities for the remaining movies of the young adult franchise. Watts willplay the mother of James’ character Four, appearing in three movies in total, since the final book, Allegiant will be split into two films a la every teen fantasy franchise of the past five years. Watts’ character, Evelyn, is the ruthless leader of the factionless in the books, aka those, who do not belong into any of Divergent’s five castes and have therefore been shunned from society.

Naomi Watts
Is Watts right for the part of a ruthless rebel leader?

Back in May, Summit also announced the casting of Octavia Spencer as Amity leader Johanna Reyes and the return of Kate Winslet as the main antagonist of the first two books, Jeanine Matthews. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on Insurgent is already underway in Atlanta. The second film from the series has been given a tentative release date of March 20, 2015 – nine whole months ahead of the other big YA movie coming out in 2015 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I.

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Video - Kylie Minogue Was Stunning In White At The 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards - Part 6

Kylie Minogue looked dazzling in white as she smiled at the paparazzi and chatted to some reporters on the red carpet at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York. The singer has long been an advocate for LGBT causes among her many humanitarian ventures.

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'Diana' Critical Mauling "Devastating" For Director, Likened To Hitler Movie

Naomi Watts Oliver Hirschbiegel Diana Princess Of Wales

In the wake of some truly scathing reviews towards his latest movie, Diana director Oliver Hirschbiegel has spoken out against a tidal wave of bad press that slated his movie, his actors, his directing and sent his royal biopic plummeting down the box office charts in the UK.

Diana Poster
Naomi Watts Has Now Been Saddled With The Unfortunate Movie.

Faced with British critics who heaved in revulsion at the "cheap and cheerless" attempt to finally turn the life of the late Diana Princess Of Wales into a palatable movie, Hirschbiegel has spoken out to calm the storm or at least save his reputation. Whilst the Telegraph labelled the film as "a special class of awful," The Guardian elaborated saying Diana is "an excruciatingly well-intentioned, reverential and sentimental biopic about her troubled final years, laced with bizarre cardboard dialogue."

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Read Diana Director, Oliver Hirschbiegel's Response To Overwhelmingly Bad Reviews

Naomi Watts Oliver Hirschbiegel Diana Princess Of Wales

It’s pretty fair to say that Diana – the film – was an unmitigated disaster. It would actually be quite unfair to say anything else. But while the critics were bashing away at their keyboard, submitting their negative reviews and sitting back, watching the slew of other derogatory reviews hit the net, spare a thought for poor Oliver Hirschbiegel, who had to read them all.

Diana movieNaomi Watts might be regretting her decision to get on board as Diana

He said the negative press surrounding the film was "devastating, but when you make a film you don't think about the reactions" (BBC)

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Insensitive Diana Poster Placement Causes Outrage

Naomi Watts Diana Princess Of Wales

A 6x4ft poster for Diana, the film chronicling the last two years of the princess’s life, has been placed just yards away from where she tragically lost her life in a car accident, causing controversy and outrage.

Naomi Watts as DianaThe movie has failed miserably with the critics

The iconic gold-leafed Flame of Liberty, which would become her unofficial memorial piece, stands metres away.

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Princess Of Wales Biopic 'Diana' Opens To A Unanimously Negative Reception-Review Round Up

Naomi Watts

The much anticipated biopic of the late Princess of Wales opened this Friday (Sept 20th) to anything but a royal reception. 'Diana', starring Naomi Watts should have been an inspiring cinematic experience but the opinion of most critics is of disappointment.


The deception of the Late Princess concentrates on the last two years of her life, focusing on the relationships she had with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed, son of Billionaire 'Harrods' owner, Muhamed Al fayed.

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A Week In Movies: Slavery Drama Wins In Toronto, Gordon-Levitt Makes Filmmaking Debut, Diana Hits UK

Steve McQueen Michael Fassbender Chiwetel Ejiofor Brad Pitt Benedict Cumberbatch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Scarlett Johansson Naomi Watts Nicole Kidman Alexander Payne Bruce Dern Robert De Niro Sylvester Stallone Emily Browning

12 years a slave

As the Toronto Film Festival wrapped up earlier this week, 12 Years a Slave, the new film from Steve McQueen (Shame), took home the top prize, which makes it the frontrunner for Oscar nominations. It stars Michael Fassbender, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Brad Pitt and Benedict Cumberbatch. Read more about the win here.

One of the festival's most talked-about films was Don Jon, the writing-directing debut of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays a womanising gym-obsessive who meets his match in the feisty Scarlett Johansson. Both actors were on hand for the film's gala New York premiere this week. Here's a video of Scarlett Johansson at the event and in this video you can see director/actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the event.

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Naomi Watts Worried About Wills' & Harry's Reaction To Diana Portrayal In Biopic [Trailer]

Naomi Watts Prince William Prince Harry

Naomi Watts has discussed her feelings towards her latest and largest film role to date, the portrayal of the iconic 'people's princess' in the film Diana, out today in the UK (20 September).

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts' Role As Diana Has Been Disparaged By Some.

Watts' relationship with the press in the run-up to the film's release has so far been blighted by a confusing walk-out of an interview with Radio 5 Live's Simon Mayo for the station's film show. Mayo hadn't expressed any particular opinion towards the film; neither had he asked a particularly challenging question, which is why Watts' walk-out was so bemusing for the radio hosts and their listener.

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Defending 'Diana': What Went Wrong With The Royal Biopic?

Naomi Watts Diana Princess Of Wales

It’s fair to say that Diana has been ‘panned’ by the critics; they didn’t enjoy it, and while they tried to retain a modicum of respect – it is about Princess Diana of course, a national hero – it was difficult to disguise their disdain. But what exactly went wrong? What made The Times call it “atrocious and intrusive”?

Naomi Watts Diana Naomi Watts as Diana.

A lot of the vitriol can be found pointing towards Stephen Jeffreys, the man who adapted Kate Snell’s book. The screenplay has taken a fair bit of heat, with many outlets bemoaning its sincerity. The Times congratulated the film’s star, Naomi Watts for “doing her level best with a squirmingly embarrassing script,” adding that "this film is still atrocious and intrusive.”

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Controversial "Diana" Gets Ripped Apart By Critics, Despite Hesitant Defence From Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts Oliver Hirschbiegel

Some old questions are raised again this week with the release of Diana, starring Naomi Watts. The film - directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel - focuses of the final years of Diana’s life, her relationships with London heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and later, Dodi Fayed. Because of the movie’s somewhat controversial subject matter, Naomi Watts has already tried to distance herself from any possible offence that it might cause, particularly to Diana’s sons, princes William and Harry. 

Naomi Watts Diana Naomi Watts as Diana.

"Hopefully if they get to see the film, they will feel that we have done it in a respectful and sensitive way," she told BBC TV. "We try to honor the depiction of her character in the best possible way."

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A Week In Movies: Rush And Diana Premiere In London, Scarlett Johansson Stuns Venice, Zac Efron Taunts Seth Rogen

Scarlett Johansson Chris Hemsworth Daniel Bruhl Olivia Wilde Ron Howard Naomi Watts Seth Rogen Zac Efron Robert Redford Christian Bale Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence Amy Adams

Diana Movie Poster

Naomi Watts was on the red carpet in London this week for the world premiere of Diana, about the final years in the life of the People's Princess. There were some touchy moments as she promoted the film in the media this week and had to get defensive against journalists' questions. Critics haven't been kind to the film, which opens in the UK later this month. Watch the Diana trailer here.

Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde and director Ron Howard were also out in London this week for the world premiere of their new film Rush, an exhilarating biopic tracing the rivalry between 1970s Formula One champions James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The film opens next week in the UK, and in two weeks in America. Watch the trailer and view photos from the premiere here.

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'Diana' Reviews - Critics Are Sympathetic But Ultimately Damning Of Royal Biopic

Naomi Watts Diana Princess Of Wales

Given the late Princess Diana’s status as an Icon in the U.K, reviews for her biopic, in which Naomi Watts plays the titular character, were always going to be scrutinised closely by readers. It’s possibly testament to how bad the film is that the critics have at least attempted to remain impartial.

Naomi Watts Diana Naomi Watts as Diana.

Indeed, many of the film’s criticisms – and there are plenty – stem from the sheer breadth of her story. From peacekeeping in the third world to her untimely and tragic death, it’s not a tale that can be easily conveyed in a cinematic format. Certainly not in 1h53m.

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A Week In Movies: Ford Joins The Expendables, Thor Strikes Back, And Get Ready For The Biopics

Harrison Ford Sylvester Stallone Bruce Willis Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Tom Hiddleston Anthony Hopkins Idris Elba Stellan Skarsgard Naomi Watts Naveen Andrews Ashton Kutcher Lee Daniels Forest Whitaker Jane Fonda Oprah Winfrey John Cusack Terrence Howard Ricky Gervais Ty Burrell Tina Fey

Harrison Ford

The big news this week was that Harrison Ford will join the Expendables for their third film adventure. Sylvester Stallone tweeted the announcement, then went on to mention that Bruce Willis won't be around this time, apparently because he asked for too much money. Stallone was also caught on camera poking fun at Arnold Schwarzenegger's "big ego". Before they re-team for the next Expendables movie, they're costarring in the prison-break thriller Escape Plan. Watch Sly talking about Arnie at Comic Con here.

The next big superhero blockbuster will be Thor: The Dark World, and we got a more detailed look at the film in a new trailer this week. Pretty much everyone is back, including Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba and Stellan Skarsgard. The movie looks like a huge-scale action adventure with a sense of humour about it. It opens in October. Watch the trailer for Thor: The Dark World here.

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First Look At Naomi Watts In Challenging "Diana" Role

Naomi Watts

It’s been a year filled with royal family-related news, culminating in the birth of Prince George, but this autumn, Hollywood will tackle an altogether more controversial topic – Princess Diana. The first stills from the upcoming film Diana have been released, showing two-time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts take on the role of the Princess of Wales. The film will span two years in Diana’s life – the final and most controversial days of her life – however Watts claims that the film doesn’t aim at sensationalizing the iconic woman.

Naomi Watts, Summer Party On The Highline
Watts enjoyed the challenge of playing and researching Diana.

"I was nervous going into it and tried my best to say no a couple of times. But I wasn't at peace with that no. I guess I wanted to do it for all the reasons I was against it — the idea of doing this transformation and telling the story of someone who's wildly famous, albeit doing it in a sensitive way. She's a fascinating woman with a fascinating story that obviously ended in such tragedy," Watts said, quoted by USA Today.

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Claire Danes Considered Becoming Interior Designer Before 'Homeland'

Claire Danes Naomi Watts Clint Eastwood Leonardo Dicaprio

Claire Danes was so disillusioned with the television and film industry before landing her award-winning role on the Showtime series Homeland that she considered becoming an interior designer. Danes' star appeared on the rise after her Golden Globe winning performance in HBO's 2012 move Temple Grandin, though what followed was a gruelling two year stretch without a job.

"It was confusing. I got a lot of plaudits, and it didn't translate into more work. I was really, really struggling during that time," Danes tells the latest issue of Vogue. "And a point came where I thought, 'I really like interior design.' Someone suggested, 'Maybe your real success is in your personal life.'"

Then a strange thing happened. Danes was offered the role of a driven CIA officer battling her own psychological demons on an intriguing new show named Homeland. The actress mulled over the offer. Producers were essentially building the show around the Romeo + Juliet actress - given she was the very first to be cast - though Danes was considering a role as J. Edgar Hoover's secretary in Clint Eastwood's movie J. Edgar, starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

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A Week In Movies: Superman Arrives, Armie Hits Cowboy Bootcamp, Naomi Is Diana

Henry Cavill Amy Adams Zack Snyder Emma Watson Sofia Coppola Armie Hammer Naomi Watts Woody Allen Cate Blanchett Ethan Hawke

A still from Man Of Steel

The new Superman and Lois Lane, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, were out on the red carpet this week for two big premieres for Man of Steel, the franchise reboot by Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. After major events in Los Angeles and London, they're now heading to Shanghai. Critical reaction has been strongly positive to the film, which opens this weekend

Also opening this weekend in America, and July 5th in the UK, The Bling Ring tells the true story of a group of teens who systematically robbed Hollywood homes, including those of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. The film's star Emma Watson, discusses the movie in a special short feature alongside director Sofia Coppola and producer Youree Henley.

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Video - Karmin And Chrissy Teigen Are Spotted At The Summer Party On The Highline, With A Brief Appearance From Naomi Watts

Arrivals at the 3rd Annual Summer Party On The Highline in New York City included pop duo Karmin, made up of boyfriend and girlfriend Nick Louis Noonan and Amy Heidemann; as well as former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 'Rookie of the Year' Chrissy Teigen, and model Mikayla McClean.

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Tribeca Film Festival Line Up Headed By Naomi Watts, Matt Damon And Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Naomi Watts Matt Damon

Half of the movies to be exhibited at the 12th annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York to be held in April this year have been announced today. From 6,000 submissions the festival judges whittled it down to just 89 amongst which there is a wide and variegated bunch of movies, from bleak documentaries to rich and vivid fictive stories from around the world.

As well as the expected influx of a lovely little niche of independent American movies, bigger movies with bigger names attached to them are also included in the list. Among them is a Brad Pitt produced documentary named Big Men about oil companies in Africa. Matt Damon and Naomi Watts also make an appearance in Sunlight Jr about "a convenience store employee in love with a paraplegic" as the Huffington Post reports.

The aim of the festival, as they say, is "to help filmmakers reach the broadest possible audience, enable the international film community and general public to experience the power of cinema." And this year's movies truly show a diverse selection of topics from the Chinese consumption of French wine to addiction, to being a teenager, to reindeer herding, bird watching, mental illness, disability, and romance. 

Wardrobe Malfunction? What Happened To Jennifer Lawrence's Dress At Screen Actors' Guild Awards?

Jennifer Lawrence Nicole Kidman Naomi Watts Meryl Streep

Wardrobe malfunctions and awards ceremonies go in hand in hand, right? But what exactly happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s dress at the Screen Actors Guild? She clearly had a bit of a struggle getting away from her table and up onto the stage and experienced actresses like Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts looked on sympathetically. As she made it up to the stage to collect her award though, it looked as though part of her Christian Dior gown fell down, exposing part of her thighs – a part of her thighs that presumably wasn’t supposed to be on view.

E! Online have cleared up the confusion, having seen the couture gown on a catwalk show last week. The long blue strapless dress on the catwalk had clear divisions, connected by sheer lining. Lawrence’s dress had the lining hidden, though, so you couldn’t tell that the dress was tiered, until a combination of Jennifer lifting the top part and possibly stepping on the bottom part caused two of the sections to momentarily drift apart. So, no biggie there then. We’ve seen far worse malfunctions than this and in actual fact, the expensive designer dress was still intact.

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Final Ballots For Screen Actors Guild Awards In Today

Daniel Day Lewis Denzel Washington John Hawkes Hugh Jackman Bradley Cooper Marion Cotillard Jennifer Lawrence Naomi Watts Louis C.K. Amy Poehler Jeff Daniels

We won't know who'll walk away with the top prizes on offer at this year's Screen Actors Guild until Sunday (Jan 27), but there are a few people who might know already as the deadline for the final ballots for this years awards ceremony is today.

At noon (PT) the members of SAG will have their final say in who wins what at the 19th annual awards show at the weekend and it really is anyone's race to take home the top prizes (except for Best Actor, because Daniel Day-Lewis does not lose these awards).

Feel-good Brit-hit The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is the surprise entrant to the Best Picture Category, facing stiff competition from Lincoln, Argo, Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook. Meanwhile, Day-Lewis is against Denzel Washington (Flight), Hugh Jackman (Les Mis), Bradley Cooper (SLP) and Oscar-snub John Hawkes (The Sessions), whilst the Actress section looks a little more familiar, with Jessica Chastin (Zero Dark Thirty), Helen Mirren (Hitchcock), Jennifer Lawrence (SLP), Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone) and Naomi Watts (The Impossible) are battling it out for the top acting prize.

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Hot Tickets! This Weekend's US Movie Releases, Zero Dark Thirty, Gangster Squad,

Ryan Gosling Kathryn Bigelow Ewan McGregor Emma Stone Sean Penn Naomi Watts

Three films on opposite spectrums of the genre-scale go head-to-head for your hard earned cash this weekend; taut political thriller Zero Dark Thirty, 'cool' action flick Gangster Squad and heart warming drama, The Impossible all make their U.S. bows, so which one is it to be? Luckily, we can help you narrow it down.

We'll start with easily the most controversial of the bunch: Zero Dark Thirty. Directed by the unflinching Kathryn Bigelow, Zero is the story od America's hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the ugly steps it took to get him. Criticized for both suggesting that torture could work (by liberals) and that America used torture in the first place (by republicans), you can bolster your stock in the inevitable debate by going to see it. Oh, and it's a really good film, too. With an incredibly strong critical response and 5 Oscar nominations, you'll be hard pressed to see a finer film this weekend.

Check out the trailer for Zero Dark Thirty

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Oscars 2013 Nominations For Best Lead Actress See Youngest And Oldest Ever Nominees Pit Their Wits Against Each Other

Jennifer Lawrence Naomi Watts Quvenzhane Wallis Jessica Chastain Emmanuelle Riva

The Oscar Nominations for Best Lead Actress are far harder to call than Lead Male, with a excellent selection of work between Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Emmanuelle Riva, Quvenzhane Wallis and Naomi Watts, this might be one of the toughest categories to call. If anything, it's a two-horse-race between Lawrence (who's now) and Chastain (2/1).

The category also sees and interesting first, with Wallis (9 years old) the youngest ever nominee, and Riva (85 years old) the oldest. Delivering such a strong performance at the age of 9 is truly staggering, but then so's being so active at 85, so how do you call that!?

Chastain's performance in controversial film Zero Dark Thirty sees her one of the favourites, but she'll face stiff competition from Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. So popular has the rom-com with a psychological twist been, her co-star Bradley Cooper is nominated in the male equivalent, while David O Russell gets the nod for Director and the film for Best Picture. 

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PICTURES: Are You Sure It's Not The Oscars? Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper And Dame Helen Mirren Light Up Palm Springs Film Festival

Helen Mirren Ben Affleck Bradley Cooper David O Russell Helen Hunt Naomi Watts Sally Field

Dame Helen Mirren, Palm Springs Film Festival

Dame Helen Mirren was among a star-studded guest list at the Palm Springs International Film Festival over the weekend (January 5-6, 2013)

It might not be mentioned in the same breath as the Oscars or the Golden Globes, but one look at the red carpet of the Palm Springs International Film Festival would be enough to dupe you into thinking that you were at either. That's because a huge raft of stars made an early appearance in this season's awards ceremony run, including Dame Helen Mirren, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Naomi Watts and Helen Hunt.

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Inside The Music Of The Impossible

Naomi Watts Ewan McGregor

While Naomi Watts profits from her performance in The Impossible with nominations in both the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors' Guild Awards, the film's undercurrent - the score - could be a favourite to pick up awards at The Oscars. 

Fernando Velasquez's magnificent score compliments  and bolsters the already emotional and emotive content. Talking of the music, Velasquez says, via Huff Post, "When Lucas finds the Swedish boy and brings his father to him, there is a musical moment when they hug that I love. This theme for me is my footprint in the film -- and that same musical theme appears at the end of the credits again. The music isn't giving you an answer, but is giving you a hug, which in a way is like an answer. Choir voices woven in with the orchestra imply a calmness, and can be heard soflty like the ocean and the sky. I wouldn't say it is religious, and I don't mean this in a new age way, but this musical theme is almost like an encounter with a bigger reality."

The Impossible has surprised critics since the announcement was made that Ewan McGregor would be starring in a disaster movie (alarm bells were ringing), but thanks to an amazing true story, some stellar performances, and of course, a a masterful score, it's in line for recognition come the Oscars. "I feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein. Before the score, the film is like pieces of flesh and a head and leg and then when the score is added, it all comes to life," said Velasquez on scoring the movie. 

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Naomi Watts 'Did Not Like' Working In The Water For Tsunami Movie The Impossible

Naomi Watts

Many of us envy the rich and famous stars of our favourite movies, and while the idea of the job of an actor or actress seems enjoyable and easy, as Naomi Watts spoke to News Track India about making The Impossible - a movie about the enormous tsunami that hit Thailand on boxing day 2004 - she shows that it's hardly a piece of cake.

"The underwater stuff was incredibly difficult, and I did not like that at all. It's always nerve-wracking holding your breath," said Watts. "[W]e were anchored into a chair with weights on us to keep us down. You had the oxygen tank right there up until the cameras rolled... There was one point when I was about to get out of the chair, and I couldn't get out... it really freaked me out. In spite of having a fear of water, I had to stay in a water tank for weeks. (So) it was quite physically demanding for me."

However, it seems all that work and fear was worth it, as she's been nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globes, which has also set off a lot of talk regarding an Academy Award nomination. She has already received one nomination for the same award from the Academy, back in 2003 for 21 Grams, but the honor never fails to make an impact, as she says: "It always feels good when your work is appreciated. I am totally thrilled about Golden Globe nomination. Oscar buzz definitely makes me nervous. I do really have a lot of pride about this film."  

A Week In Movies Feat: Naomi Watts Powerful In The Impossible, Dustin Hoffman Directs Quartet And Screenwriter Dan Fogelman Talks Barbra Streisand

Naomi Watts Dustin Hoffman Tom Courtenay Pauline Collins Billy Connolly Pierce Brosnan Barbra Streisand Ryan Gosling Bradley Cooper Eva Mendes Ryan Reynolds Paul Giamatti Samuel L Jackson Maya Rudolph Snoop Dogg

Django Unchained

After the holiday season, the movie world is slowly cranking up to speed. Although the really big news doesn't start until next week, with the announcement of the Oscar and Bafta nominations.

This week's biggest nominee announcement came from the Producers Guild of America, seen as a taste of the Best Picture Oscar race. The PGA's 10 feature film nominees are: Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Moonrise Kingdom, Silver Linings Playbook, Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty.

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Must See Movie Of The Week? Critics Impressed By The Impossible

Ewan McGregor Naomi Watts

The Impossible is fast becoming the must-see movie of the week.

Starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor as a couple separated by a tsunami as they holiday with their children in Thailand. Based on the real-life events of the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, JA Bayona’s dramatic portrayal of a family caught up in the devastation one of the world’s biggest natural disasters has been hailed by The Telegraph as a “logistically astonishing white-knuckle disaster movie.”

Based on the story of the Belon family from Spain (though changed to a British family for the purpose of the movie), the movie is propelled by “stunning practical effects,” and impressive stunts – one of which reportedly left Naomi Watts fearing for her life as she was forced underwater and unable to breathe, as technicians failed to release her on time.

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The Impossible Review


Director JA Bayona (The Orphanage) draws out exceptional performances in his cast, as well as his technical crew, to turn a true story into a potent dramatic thriller. This is such a staggering story of survival that the title almost feels understated. And even though it has a hugely emotional tone, the film never feels mawkish, taking a gritty, intimate approach to a situation that's seriously mind-boggling.

We're talking about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, which claimed nearly 300,000 lives. But this is the story of just one family: Henry and Maria (McGregor and Watts), who travel to Thailand with their three sons Lucas, Thomas and Simon (Holland, Joslin and Pendergast) for an idyllic Christmas holiday. Then the Indian Ocean tsunami tears through the landscape. Lucas manages to stay with the badly injured Maria, and they go looking for help. Meanwhile, Henry finds Thomas and Simon and sets out to reunite his family. But the devastation is total, and it will take a miracle for them to find each other in the confusion of relief efforts and medical emergencies.

Avoiding the pitfalls of the usual disaster movie, the script remains tightly focussed on these five characters, even as they meet others along the way. This lets us feel every moment along with them. Meanwhile, the soaring cinematography and seamless effects work make it feel like we're watching actual footage of the tsunami, complete with almost unnervingly realistic make-up. In the tidal wave's wake, these people are grippingly sympathetic, more concerned with helping their family members than with wiping the blood off their faces. And all five actors vividly let us feel their characters' internal journey.

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Naomi Watts On Relationships And The Impossible

Naomi Watts

For Naomi Watts - star of new disaster movie, The Impossible - family life and her marriage to Leiv Schreiber is 'not a bed of roses'. Watts has been opening up to You Magazine about her personal life. 

"Our family life is good, Liev is a brilliant dad, but like any family we have had our struggles and a relationship between two successful people who travel and are passionate about what they do takes work - it's not all a bed of roses," she explained insisting that her and Schreiber are determined to ''hold onto our romance," admitting that another addition to the family is not beyond the bounds of possibility. "I would love a daughter and it would be great to adopt but I kind of feel that my boys are finally getting on so well - so is it the right time? Liev is great - we still hold on to our romance. It was love at first sight for me. In fact I had a big crush on him before I met him at a ball."

Watts goes on to divulge more about how she got together with her current husband. "We had friends who had been trying to set us up for ages, but it was never the right time until that night. We exchanged numbers - I was in LA at the time and he was in New York - and at first we got to know each other through emails and phone calls."

The Golden Globes Nominations, No Surprises For A Great Year Of Film

Quentin Tarantino Leonardo Dicaprio Daniel Day Lewis Rachel Weisz Naomi Watts Helen Mirren Richard Gere John Hawkes Joaquin Phoenix Denzel Washington Maggie Smith Michelle Dockery Ben Affleck Marion Cotillard Christoph Waltz Ang Lee

The Golden Globes are one of the biggest film and television awards in the world. Winning an award from them will almost always top the C.V.s of anyone involved in film. 2012 has been one of the best years in film for a long time, with many films being deemed 'instant classics'. Although, of course, that's said every year, with just a quick glance at the calibre of performances, narrative and cinematography this year it's easy to see why it's being said.

2012's nominations were revealed today with few surprises. The favourites during speculation included Argo, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and The Master, and they haven't failed to impress in the Globes' nominations. Lincoln's set to be a big winner with seven nominations, while Argo has 5 nominations, Zero Dark Thirty has 4 and The Master has 3. All four, except The Master, are also in the running for Best Motion Picture, competing alongside Ang Lee's Life of Pi and Quentin Tarantino's re-envisioning of a slave narrative, Django Unchained

Tarantino's film received 5 nominations, which included two in the category for Best Supporting Performance by an Actor, for Christoph Waltz and Leonardo Dicaprio, which proves to us that it's more than worth the watch. Best Director nominations mirrors the Best Motion Picture, and include Ben Affleck (Argo), Stephen Spielberg (Lincoln), Ang Lee (Life of Pi), Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty) and Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained), which is no surprise really. 

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The Impossible Trailer

It's December 2004 and a young mother and father take their three sons on a paradise vacation to Southeast Asia where they are not far from white sandy beaches and a clear blue ocean - a far cry from the freezing winter temperatures back home. One day, whilst the Maria relaxes by the pool, watching husband Henry play ball with the kids, an ominous, trembling noise can be heard getting closer and closer. Before the family, and other vacation-goers, have time to run for their lives, they suddenly find themselves caught in one of the most horrific natural disasters of the generation; the tsunami resulting from the earthquake of the Indian Ocean. Miraculously, the family survive; Henry drifts back to consciousness with an overwhelming fear when his children are nowhere to be seen, though it is not long before his two youngest discover him. Maria and the eldest, Lucas, have drifted elsewhere and Henry vows to search every shelter and every hospital for them. They are so far unharmed and are found by some locals who take them to a nearby hospital. Maria sends Lucas off to help people find their families and finds his own along the way.

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J. Edgar Review

Very Good
Exquisitely designed and directed, with finely tuned performances that shine even through some heavy make-up, this true story never quite succeeds in conveying its central relationship. Sure, repression is the point, but passion would have made the film heartbreaking rather than just sad.

John Edgar Hoover (DiCaprio) was only 29 when he became director of the Bureau of Investigation (later the FBI), and he ruled supreme until his death in 1972, holding eight US presidents in the palm of his hand with his notorious files of personal secrets. But he also had loyal friends, including his secretary Helen (Watts) and his right-hand man Clyde (Hammer). As a young man, his mother (Dench) instilled in him a hatred of liberalism and homosexuality, so his enemies included Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy (Donovan) and himself.

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Video - Stella McCartney Throws Celebrity Dinner

Celebrities attend a private dinner to celebrate the launch of Stella Mccartney's new store on 112 Greene Street, New York. The British fashion designer stood for a few photos before entering the building; as the photographers shouted afterwards, she mentioned that she'll be back outside later, which she did. She invited a few of her famous friends to the dinner, including Naomi Watts; model Elettra Rossellini; music executive and X Factor USA judge L.A. Reid; Jason Sudeikis and Liv Tyler.

Stella is the daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney

Mother And Child Review

Very Good
An excellent ensemble makes the most of a multi-strand female-centred film that drifts very close to melodrama as it explores various aspects of motherhood.

Fortunately writer-director Garcia is very careful to avoid wallowing in sentimentality.

Elizabeth (Watts) is a shark-like lawyer who easily seduces her new boss Paul (Jackson). She's had a difficult emotional life, and prefers to keep things under control, managing her friendships and relationships with icy distance.

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Dream House Review

There's an intriguing idea here, but this thriller feels like it has been compromised in the test-screening phase, resulting in a badly muddled plot. And even a lot of talent in front of and behind the camera can't rescue it.

Will (Craig) has just quit his job as a Manhattan editor to spend more time with his wife (Weisz) and young daughters (Geare and Geare) in their suburban home. But something isn't right. A suspicious man (Koteas) is lurking in the night, while the ex-husband (Csokas) of the neighbour (Watts) across the street oozes pure rage. Then Will starts to realise that nothing is what it seems to be. And he'll need to face reality if he hopes to sort things out.

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Video - Paul McCartney Debuts Ballet - New York City Ballet Fall Gala At The David Koch Theatre Arrivals Part 3

British actress Naomi Watts appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Sir Paul McCartney's ballet, 'Ocean's Kingdom', at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala at the David Koch Theatre, wearing an all in one white jumpsuit. She posed for a few photographs before she entered the building.

But the biggest cheer of the night went to Sir Paul himself. He signed a few autographs for his fans before posing with fiancee NANCY SHEVELL in front of the photographers. As he left, he flashed the 'peace' sign to the crowd

Fair Game Review

This provocative, fascinating true story is told with so much righteous rage that the politics overwhelm the personal drama. Terrific acting and a sharp, brainy script hold our interest, but we never properly feel the emotional punch.

Valerie Plame (Watts) is a high-level CIA operative juggling teams in a variety of locations. In the wake of 9/11, her focus is on investigating Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons programme. Her husband, Joe Wilson (Penn), is the expert sent to Niger to investigate uranium rumours, but he finds no evidence.

And this is backed up by Valerie's discoveries from scientists in Iraq. So when Joe hears George W Bush lying in a State of the Union address, he writes a rebuttal. Enraged, Bush administration official Scooter Libby (Andrews) releases Valerie's identity.

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You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger Trailer

After years of marriage, Alfie and Helena are getting divorced, this is mainly due to Alfie's midlife crisis and lust for a much younger woman called Charmaine. Whilst Helena seeks guidance from a fortune teller her daughter is also facing troubles of her own. Sally works in an art gallery work whilst her husband stays at home hoping to write a novel that repeats the success of his first.

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Naomi Watts Joins Heath Ledger's Family At Memorial Service

Heath Ledger Brokeback Mountain Michelle Williams Naomi Watts

Family and friends of the late Heath Ledger, including his ex-girlfriend Naomi Watts, have gathered at a memorial service for the actor.

Watts and Ledger's ex-fiancee Michelle Williams were among the mourners at the private service at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary in Los Angeles after the Brokeback Mountain star's body was flown from New York City.

The 28-year-old was found dead in his downtown Manhattan apartment last Tuesday with an autopsy proving inconclusive as to the cause of death.

Though it was reported that prescription drugs were found in the SoHo bedroom, it has since been reported that the actor's death may have been a result of natural causes.

According to celebrity web site, sources "intimately connected with the investigation" have said Ledger may have died from a heart attack.

"It's now appearing that the level of toxicity (from medication) in Ledger's system was low enough that it may not have caused his death. These sources say Heath's heart stopped," the website reported.

Some 1,000 guests at the G'Day USA Australia Day Ball at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City held a minute's silence in honour of the Perth-born actor on Saturday night.

According to Melbourne newspaper The Age, the Australian consul-general also read a letter written by the late actor's father Kim.

"Heath did not become an actor for the fame or fortune," he wrote. "He loved his craft and he loved helping his friends. He loved chess and skateboarding too."

The letter added: "My image of Heath in New York is him with his skateboard, a canvas bag and his beanie.

"That was Heath to me... Heath is and always will be an Australian."

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Eastern Promises Review

We're in London and the streets look like they are owned and operated by Beelzebub himself. The ghosts of the KGB death squads loom in the distance, but the Russian crime syndicate's stranglehold over the hoods and alleys is as strong as ever. Out of one of these decrepit alleyways crawls a 14-year-old girl who walks into a pharmacy only moments before hemorrhaging from the baby girl inside her. Her death is announced at the same time as her daughter's birth. Welcome to the decaying London of David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises.

A master at the ancient art of phantom punching, Cronenberg's examination of the Russian mafia's sex trade, currently flourishing in London, doesn't hit you till you're a good quarter mile out of the theater, as you're still contemplating Viggo Mortensen's slicked-back hairdo. Like a cccwolf right before the hunt, Mortensen snarls and calmly stalks as Nikolai, the driver for a sect of the elusive crime syndicate Vory V Zakone, a specter that arose from the ashes of Stalin's work camps. Nikolai works for Semyon (Armin Mueller-Stahl) and Semyon's volatile son Kirill (Vincent Cassel), taking care of their transportation and their criminal refuse. When Nikolai snaps off the fingers of a corpse, he asks Kirill and his business associate Azim (Mina E. Mina) to leave... but the audience is allowed to stay.

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Persons Unknown Review

While I futilely try to figure out the ending of Persons Unknown means, I'm left to wonder why this film saw no real theatrical release, and why it took 11 years to make it to DVD. Maybe the fact that it's fairly ludicrous or nonsensical? The circuitous plot gives us a kind of cool beginning, with a security pro (Joe Mantegna) being hustled by a girl (Kelly Lynch) who's heading up a big heist. Eventually he tracks her down, figures out what's going on, runs off with their loot, and watches bodies pile up in the mountains. The last half of the film is alternately filled with typical shoot 'em up/run 'em down scenes and kind of silly plot twists. The top shelf cast is uniformly wasted, including Naomi Watts in an early role.

Mulholland Drive Review

[In the spirit of competition, we present a rare double review on David Lynch's sure-to-be-controversial Mulholland Drive as well as a feature discussion about the film. For additional, alternate looks at films, check out our feature "Respectfully, Yours." -Ed.]

Christopher Null, not overly impressed

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The Ring Two Review


Abandoning the gimmicky defining premise of itspredecessor, about the ghost of an evil littlegirl exacting blood-curdling vengeance on anyone who watched a hauntedvideo tape, "The Ring Two" seems also to have jettisoned allnotions of pacing, creative chills and common sense.

Catching up with newspaper reporter NaomiWatts (whose talents are wasted on B-movie screams)and her hollow-eyed son (David Dorfman) after they've survived the firstfilm by slipping through a gaping hole in its own internal logic, "TheRing Two" gives its poltergeist arbitrary new powers to track thesetwo down to a small West Coast town and possess the boy's body.

Little else happens in the course of the story, exceptthat Watts' suspicious attempts at exorcism draw the attention of the localChild Protective Services. The kid ends up in the hospital (from whichhe easily escapes and no search is ever mounted) while Watts tracks downthe ghostly girl's asylum-confined birth mother (Sissy Spacek) for somelong-winded exposition laying out the new rules of the plot.

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I ? Huckabees Review


The one philosophy behind the existential screwball comedy "I ? Huckabees" (pronounce the ? as "heart") is that there is no one philosophy. A satire of spiritual gurus, self-help and other psychological gimmickry, it makes its point by being so esoteric and cerebrally akimbo that it will likely divide audiences between those who find its deliberately abstruse discombobulation amusing and to the point, and those who find it just abstruse and discombobulated.

Written and directed by David O. Russell, the observant and darkly comical wit behind the Gulf War derision "Three Kings," the ensemble storyline whirlpools around Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman), an unhinged and obsessive young environmentalist who has seen the open-space preservation group he chartered slip through his fingers and into the hands of a snake-oil-charming corporate stooge named Brad Stand (Jude Law). Brad is, in fact, an executive at Huckabees -- a slick, corporate retailer with a habit of moving into small towns and building megastores where there had once been open space.

With his failure causing him to question his whole life, Albert seeks metaphysical peace of mind from Bernard and Vivian Jaffe (Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin), a pair of unconventional, off-kilter and out-of-sync private eyes who specialize in solving the mysteries of their clients' inner turmoil. Soon they are, quite conspicuously, following Albert to work, peering through his windows, digging through his trash, and pairing him up with another lost soul as a partner in intellectual recovery -- Tommy (Mark Wahlberg), a blue-collar lug of a firefighter whose eye-opening visit inside his own head has rapidly become a slide into bemused Nihilism.

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Ned Kelly Review


Plied with fiction and short on depth, the new biopic of legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly plays like "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" without the excitement, charm and humor.

Bearded and brooding but otherwise uncharismatic, Heath Ledger stars as the folk-hero bushranger (Aussie for "cowboy"), who according to this film was an upstanding citizen of the Outback frontier until contemptible, crooked, downright sinister lawmen drove him to a life of crime by picking on his family.

They jailed his ma, molested his teenage sister, and falsely accused him and his brothers of horse rustling. They "started a war" against us, Kelly says in voice-over. "So I killed their coppers. I robbed their banks."

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Naomi Watts

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Naomi Watts

Date of birth

28th September, 1968








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