Naomi Campbell still wears make-up every day in quarantine.

The 50-year-old supermodel refuses to let her beauty standards slip just because she is at home all the time due to the coronavirus pandemic and she ensures that she applies her favourite products to make herself feel her best, relying heavily on the range from Pat McGrath Labs.

In an interview with, Naomi - who was recently announced as the first ever face of Pat McGrath Labs - said: ''Every day I wear a Pat McGrath lip gloss or lipstick. Even when I work out each day, I wear lipstick because it makes me feel good, and that's what this is all about. In challenging times, women want to feel good even if they're not leaving the house. Make-up is for your self-esteem and confidence.''

Naomi is also still following a rigorous daily skincare regime and says the secret to her glowing complexion is regular scrubs and facials.

She shared: ''I always cleanse my skin each morning after I wake up. Sometimes, I do a cleanse and a scrub combined to exfoliate. I make sure to exfoliate to remove the build-up of dead skin. Then, I put on lots of serums and a face mask. After I mask, I put on more serums and a moisturiser. With my skin, it all depends; on different days, I do different things. Some days I do glycolic acid peels or use my dermaroller.

''For self-care, I do scrubs, salt baths, and facials - I do a facial and put on a face mask every day. At night, I always wear a night cream sleeping mask. Most importantly, I like my skin to look hydrated and shiny.''