Naomi Campbell is a ''bossy and motherly'' mentor.

The 50-year-old supermodel doesn't give out advice unless she's asked, and when young models do turn to her for guidance, she'll ''pamper them'' while also speaking honestly in order to ensure they don't stray in the ''wrong direction''.

Discussing on her plain-speaking ways as a judge on 'The Face' and 'Making The Cut', she said: ''I'm bossy and motherly. And I don't want to see my babies go in the wrong direction, if I can say, 'Don't do that, do this.'

''I don't put my nose in, but if I'm asked, I'm going to give my opinion.

''And when they come running to me, I'm gonna pamper them.''

And Naomi thinks its ''sweet'' that the younger generation of models have awarded her the honorary title of ''aunty''.

She said: ''I don't feel old. Even when I was called aunty 10 years ago, I've never felt old. I find them sweet.''

Despite her years in the spotlight, the catwalk star doesn't think of herself as famous.

She said: ''I don't think about the word fame. I really just feel that I'm me. I'm just Naomi. And that's it.''

A few months ago, Naomi covered Essence magazine but because of the measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, she had to do her own hair, make-up and styling, and shoot the pictures on her iPhone and she admitted she was very nervous.

She told Observer magazine: ''There was a definite fear factor to that. I learned how to use the clicker, Bluetooth and all this stuff that Essence kindly set me. That was a challenge, but we have to adapt.''

And while Naomi may feature in various popular gifs and memes online, she's only just learned how to send them on to other people.

She said: ''I've seen some of the memes. They make me laugh. I only recently figured out how to send a meme. Someone sent me one and I was like. 'How do you do that?' ''