British supermodel Naomi Campbell has revealed her 15-year feud with fellow catwalk diva Tyra Banks was sparked because she was jealous of the fact her rival's mother was always there for her.

The two black models sat down for a televised summit meeting on Banks' US talk show, which aired last night (18NOV05), and finally ended their war of words by clearing up past disputes.

During the emotional chat, which left both models in tears, Campbell admitted she used to hate the fact Banks' mum was always with her, while her own mother, VALERIE, was at home taking care of her baby brother.

She told the Victoria's Secret model, "What I was envious of you (about) was (the fact that) you had your mother with you. I never was able to have my mother with me. I wished that I could have my mother with me."

But Banks explained that Campbell's obvious hatred towards her, which often terrified her, was the reason why her mother gave up her career to support her.

Banks recalled calling her mother from a Paris, France fashion show after she had been dismissed by one of Gianni Versace's assistants, who hinted that Campbell had asked for her to be sent home.

She explained, "I picked up my backpack, walked out and said, 'This is enough.' I just couldn't take it anymore.

"I went to a pay phone, I called my mother and I said, 'Ma, I can't take it any more.' I dropped down to my knees in that payphone... and I said, 'If she (Campbell) wants it this badly she can have this entire industry. I got accepted to five colleges, I'm coming home and I'm going to school.'

"My mom kinda calmed me down and I said, 'Well, the only way I can do this is if you're by my side every single day.'"