Singer Nancy Sinatra holds the fourth and final wife of her legendary crooner father FRANK responsible for this death in 1998.

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE singer Nancy refuses to speak to BARBARA MARX for failing to contact her before her famous dad died at the age of 82, when he passed away in hospital without any of his three children by his side.

Sinatra, 64, says, "He (Frank) made one huge mistake in his life.

"I honestly believe he would still be alive (if he hadn't married her).

"She was cruel, absolutely cruel. She did not tell us he was dying, we did not know until after he was dead and we were five minutes from the hospital.

"Yet she called his publicist and road manager, who got to the hospital in time.

"It is unforgivable. I still have nightmares about not being able to be with him when he died.

"The people he wanted were not there and that makes me furious.

"I said to myself that night, 'I will never speak to her again.' And I haven't. Not a word."

27/03/2005 14:04