Octomom Nadya Suleman is back on the stripper poles as it looks like the money from her last ventures into the adult entertainment world has dried up, TMZ report.

Suleman, who signed on to welfare again only weeks ago, has returned to the strip club T's once again for a $20,000 pay day to perform a topless dance at the West Palm Beach stip joint as part of her ongoing legal battle with the club. Last year, Suleman walked out on her contact with T's after she claimed the club had badmouthed her to the press. After she left the club high and dry she was then sued by them for breach of contract, with the legal dispute still ongoing.

According to TMZ, the club have decided to drop the lawsuit providing that Suleman performs at the club next month (Feb), during which she will perform four shows over two days (14-16).

As we all know, apart from those who decided to block the repress this particular memory, Suleman is no stranger to the adult industry having performed at the strip joint before and more famously appear in a solo porn film titled Home Alone. Don't worry though, it doesn't look likely that she'll be going back into porn any time soon.