Nadya Suleman aka Octomom sprang to fame in 2009 as she gave birth to octuplets. At the time she came under heavy fire from a wide variety of critics accusing her of abusing state funds to be able to afford all 14 children (that's right, she already had a staggering 6 children by the time she gave birth to the second batch of kids). Now, however, she has opened her new home up to the media with a filmed tour of their brand new abode, via RumorFix.

In the video she is seen walking around the sparsely furnished home, preaching skills and values of parenthood as she refers to each child she comes across as 'this one' or 'that one'. It has to be said that the space in the house is utterly ideal for a house full of kids whose very nature is to love running around and playing. Nevertheless, like many of her critics, we have to question: How does anyone, y'know besides Branjelina, house and support a family of 14 children? According to TMZ it's via "porn money". The whole 5000 sq/ft of the home is costing her over $2k per month but she has now payed for the place until March, which leaves the family with certain stasis and comfort for at least 5 more months. 

Although it's easy to criticise a woman with 14 children for being a bad parent, it certainly seems that Suleman is doing everything she can to support them all- even if it means resorting to shooting a self pleasure video. Plus, while criticism may let us feel a little better about the manner in which we lead our own lives, it certainly doesn't help her feed 14 kids that, like it or not, are here to stay. Perhaps it's time for TLC (or the like) to step up and do what they normally do for underprivileged families: get them their own show. 

Check out the video: