Octomom worked flat out (ahem) for a little while, trying to get herself off welfare by making masturbation porn. Whilst it worked, temporarily, sadly, the mother of 14 spent pretty much all of her savings on her recent stint in rehab. As a result, TMZ reports, she’s been forced to turn to the state to help her out again. That’s right, Octomom – aka Nadya Suleman – is back on welfare.

According to TMZ, the mom of many will be receiving $1,800 for food, $1,000 for “emergency cash” (that’s gotta be a hell of an emergency if it’s going to earn you $12k per year) as well as Medi-Cal benefits to help her with dental treatment and mental health treatment, too. We’re unsure whether or not Nadya intends on returning to her porn career to help out with the bills but for now, it’s the US taxpayers that will be helping to fund her lifestyle.

And part of that lifestyle, it seems, will be to attend the AVN porn awards this year, after being nominated for Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Best Solo Release, Best DVD Extras, and Best Marketing Campaign for her celluloid endeavours, ‘Octomom Home Alone.’ She told TMZ that she was “completely surprised” to have been nominated but reckoned she was in with a good chance of winning, mainly because she had never actually heard of any of the other entrants. We’re not sure what’s worse. A mom of 14 sponging off the state or a mom of 14 pursuing a porn career.