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11th June 2015

Quote: "I was like, 'Damn, dude.' This is happening! And then the DJ put on... Bye Bye Bye and my brain was like (exploding). And I knew I was in the City of Angels, baby." Chris Pratt recalls spotting 'N Sync star Lance Bass, his first celebrity sighting, in a bar when he first moved to Los Angeles as an aspiring actor.

6th February 2015

Quote: "He’s going to be a great dad and she's (Jessica Biel) going to be a great mum. We all come from the South and knowing Justin‘s family, and how tight they are, they just love each other. It’s going to be a wonderful family to have a baby in." Lance Bass insists his former 'N Sync bandmate's unborn baby couldn't have a better family.

19th December 2014

Quote: "I'm really excited that Jc is going to sing during our first dance. It is, of course, very meaningful to me. He has the best voice I've ever heard in my entire life. And it looks like he might be doing it as a duet with Kristin Chenoweth." Lance Bass reveals his former 'N Sync bandmate Jc Chasez will be performing at his wedding in Los Angeles on Saturday (20Dec14). Bass will exchange vows with boyfriend Michael Turchin during a ceremony officiated by the couple's friends, Joanna Garcia Swisher and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

17th December 2014

Quote: "He told me a while ago, and I kept my mouth shut. But now I can talk about it... Jessica is awesome. And Justin is a kid at heart." Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone on rumours his former bandmate Justin Timberlake is expecting his first child with wife Jessica Biel.

30th July 2014

Fact: 'Nsync's new hits compilation, The Essential, was released on Tuesday (29Jul14) - on the 14th anniversary of the boy band's first and only U.S. number one hit, It's Gonna Be Me.

29th July 2014

Tweet: "I love when the record label doesn't even tell you they are releasing a new 'Nsync album tomorrow! New album out tomorrow! Who knew?!" Lance Bass had no idea that his record company bosses are releasing new 'Nsync compilation, Essential.

9th January 2014

Quote: "I came out to Britney Spears in 2004. Something was about to hit in the press about her, and the only thing I could think of to make her stop crying was to tell her I'm gay. So I sat her on my bed and I'm like, 'Well, I'm gay!'" Former 'N Sync member Lance Bass on distracting his pal Britney Spears from tabloid gossip.

30th December 2013

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass has revealed he and his former bandmates filmed scenes for 2002's Star Wars Episode Ii: Attack of the Clones film at the request of director George Lucas, whose daughters were huge fans of the boy band. However, the scenes were later cut from the movie after fans of the popular film franchise objected to the pop stars' involvement.

21st November 2013

Fact: Former 'Nsync star Lance Bass is releasing his first solo album. His debut single, a dance pop track called Walking on Air, will hit the airwaves in January (13).

11th November 2013

Quote: "When we woke up it was raining and that was a bit of a bummer because the ceremony location was outside. Luckily the rain went away and the show went on as planned." Former 'N Sync star Chris Kirkpatrick was worried by the rainy weather on the day he married his longterm girlfriend Karly Skladany on 2 November (13) at the Loews resort hotel in Orlando, Florida.

1st October 2013

Tweet: "18 years ago today I met @realjoeyfatone @jtimberlake @jcchasez and @iamckirkpatrick Our dysfunctual (sic) family is pretty kick a**". Pop star Lance Bass marks 'N Sync's 18th anniversary on Tuesday (01Oct13),

26th September 2013

Quote: "I was a little disappointed that they didn't do a reunion tour and then maybe ask the Backstreet Boys to do it with them." Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter was hoping fellow grown-up boyband 'N Sync would announce a comeback tour after briefly reuniting at the MTV Video Music Awards last month (Aug13) as part of Justin Timberlake's hits set.

19th September 2013

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass is aiming to pocket an estimated $730,000 (£486,670) by selling off his New York apartment. The singer purchased the one bedroom, two bathroom pad in the trendy neighbourhood of Chelsea in 2010, but has now listed it on the property market for $2.2 million (£1.47 million).

2nd September 2013

Tweet: "Congrats to my loves LanceBass and MichaelTurchin !! You two are amazing and I love you!!!!" Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler tweets her well wishes to 'Nsync star Bass and his model boyfriend Turchin after the couple's engagement.

2nd September 2013

Quote: "It's like old times but we're a lot slower. There was a time where we (were) actually bigger than bubblegum so I thought it would be an interesting send-up." Justin Timberlake had a blast reuniting with his former 'N Sync bandmates for a brief performance during his 15-minute hits medley at New York's MTV Video Music Awards last weekend (25Aug13).

29th August 2013

Quote: "They've had enough Dancing with the Stars 'N Sync members, man. I'm good. Joey (Fatone), I think, did a fantastic job. I think Lance (Bass) did a fantastic job. I think they represented us well, so I'm Ok." Pop star J.C. Chasez insists rumours linking him to the new season of Dancing With the Stars in America are not true.

26th August 2013

Quote: "It was a matter of time. Everybody would ask us, 'When are you guys going to do something?' First of all, it was the worst kept secret ever, (but) Justin gave me a buzz and he said, 'Hey man, listen, I'm getting this award and they have given me a pile of time to perform and we started our careers at MTV and I think we should get the band back together.'" J.C. Chasez on how the 'N Sync reunion at the Mtv Video Music Awards came together.

25th August 2013

Tweet: "Mic check, mic check one... two... is this thing on?!" 'Nsync get fans excited by posting their first message on their new and official Twitter.com page. The tweet fuels speculation about the boy band's rumoured reunion, which will reportedly take place at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday (25Aug13).

23rd August 2013

Quote: "I'm actually going to be going to Staten Island. My cousin is turning 40... so I'm going to be going to her birthday party. And why the hell would I attend? I mean, for Justin obviously, he's getting the Vanguard Award, which is cool. We heard about that, and that's when the rumours started flying about doing all this stuff... I haven't gotten a phone call or anything." Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone insists ongoing reports about a band reunion at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (25Aug13) are false.

30th July 2013

Quote: "Chris and I had a little thing for a short period of time... He dated her first, I dated her after... It turned out to be awkward... There was somebody in between Chris and me... but now we're really good friends." Backstreet Boys star A.J. McLean on his past spat with 'N Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick.

30th July 2013

Quote: "Joey called me. He was like, 'Yo man, y'all going on tour?' I swear to God." Backstreet Boys star Brian Littrell reveals 'N Sync's Joey Fatone was interested in joining the band for their tour with New Kids on the Block in 2011.

5th May 2013

Quote: "I had a girl a couple of months ago come up to me and she thought that we were in love and she was waiting for me this whole entire time. She thought the whole gay thing was a joke, basically, and that I was lying." Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass on fans who are still convinced he's straight.

16th November 2012

Quote: "I got him the toaster that you put the Mickey Mouse emblem on it... It's a little ode to the Mmc (Mickey Mouse Club) days." Lance Bass on his quirky wedding gift for former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake.

1st October 2012

Tweet: "17 years ago today I met my brothers @realjoeyfatone @IamCKirkpatrick @jcchaez and @jtimberlake Magic happened". Singer Lance Bass marks 'N Sync's anniversary on Monday (01Oct12).

1st October 2012

Quote: "Not much is going to change. He's a great dude, and he's very focused on what he does and everything else, and I'm sure this will bring out the best." Joey Fatone is confident marriage won't change his former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake. The singer/actor is set to wed actress Jessica Biel later this year (12).

29th May 2012

Quote: "The man has everything, so a nice little toaster will do - maybe the one that puts a little Mickey Mouse emblem on it!" Singer Lance Bass jokes about what to buy his former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake for a wedding gift when he marries actress Jessica Biel later this year (12).

4th May 2012

Quote: "There were many moments in my teenage years where I succumbed to the weirdness of the group I was in. And in trying to conform - we're marionettes! - I ended up looking like a moron." Singer Justin Timberlake is embarrassed by the cheesy costumes he sported in his 'N Sync heyday.

8th April 2012

Quote: "The man has everything, so a nice little toaster will do. Maybe the one that puts a little Mickey Mouse emblem on it. I might do that!" Lance Bass on his ideas for a wedding gift for former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake, a one-time member of The Mickey Mouse Club, for when he weds fiancee Jessica Biel.

6th April 2012

Quote: "They just get each other. I love Jess because she's just one of the guys and, with Justin, you've just got to be one of the guys too." Lance Bass is a big fan of former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake's fiancee Jessica Biel.

29th March 2012

Quote: "I was a big 'N Sync fan and I had my hair dyed blond... I memorised all the dance moves to every single song... I wanted to be a young Justin Timberlake, but I could not sing." The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson on his boy band dreams.

3rd August 2011

Quote: "She told me when she was 14, she sat outside a radio station with 'Nsync painted on her cheek. She said, 'I hope that doesn't make you feel awkward.' I said, 'Hell, no. It makes me feel old.'" Justin Timberlake was idolised by a teenage Lady GaGa.

15th June 2011

Quote: "I remember looking down once; we were playing Madison Square Garden for an HBO special, and this girl put her arm out. She had a mural of me tattooed along her whole arm. I just remember looking at it and thinking, 'Holy s**t, that's never going to come off.'" Justin Timberlake on the crazy fans of his boy band 'N Sync.

2nd July 2009

Quote: "The thing about Michael is the memories. I'm lucky enough to have memories - actually, physically - with him onstage and off. ...He's created so many cultural photos in people's minds with his music that he was and always will be the King of Pop." Justin Timberlake is still in shock at the sudden death of his idol Michael Jackson, who passed away last week (25Jun09). The pop star shared the stage with the Thriller hitmaker at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, when Timberlake performed with his former band 'N Sync.

25th November 2008

Quote: "It's not just about dancing. It's about personality, too. And that Kim Kardashian, ugh, she has no personality at all. It was painful to watch." Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone is not a fan of socialite Kardashian's turn on U.S. reality show Dancing With The Stars.

5th July 2008

Quote: "I admire JUSTIN (TIMBERLAKE). I think he's done a good job of coming out of the boy band working his way into a solo career that is now massive. It's a great comparison." Pop star Jesse Mccartney is flattered to be compared to the former N Sync star.

16th June 2008

Fact: Lance Bass recreated his former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake's 'Nipplegate' embarrassment at the 2004 SuperBowl by ripping open comedienne Kathy Griffin's top to reveal a pair of fake boobs at the TV Land Awards in New York (04Jun08).

20th April 2008

Quote: "There's always a chance that 'N Sync will do another album. I am totally game, I would love to. I mean, the best times of my life were with those guys." Lance Bass refuses to give up on an 'N SYNC reunion.

1st April 2008

Fact: Heather Mills is moving on from her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney by signing up to co-judge the upcoming Miss U.S.A. beauty pageant alongside stars including actress Kelly Carlson and 'N Sync's JOEY FATONE.

28th February 2008

Fact: Singer Joey Fatone is auctioning off a signed 'N Sync concert DVD and a souvenir concert-tour photo album on website eBay.com to raise funds for the American Heart Association.

14th February 2008

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone celebrated his 31st birthday with a gravity-free experience at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral in Florida. The Bye, Bye, Bye hitmaker and pals floated around simulator G-Force One trying to catch M+Ms.

26th October 2007

Quote: "I sent him a copy of the book, but I doubt he read it - none of the guys like to read." Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass doubts Justin Timberlake has read his new autobiography OUT OF SYNC.

11th October 2007

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone owns one of the vehicles used as supercar KITT in '80s TV show Knight Rider.

20th July 2007

Quote: "You know that song where they sing, 'There's a bad moon on the rise?' I thought they were saying, 'There's a bathroom on the right.'" Former 'N Sync singer Joey Fatone grew up misunderstanding the lyrics to Creedence Clearwater Revival's BAD MOON RISING.

16th July 2007

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone has his wife KELLY's name and a red heart tattooed on his bottom lip.

27th June 2007

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone is to host a new U.S. TV karaoke gameshow called THE SINGING BEE.

21st June 2007

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass has turned cocktail connoisseur at the trendy Los Angeles venue One Sunset, where the pop star is an investor - he's the brains behind the haunt's new concoction, a pink watermelon martini.

23rd May 2007

Quote: "My stomach doesn't get in the way when we hanky panky, I've got more stamina, I can breathe now, it's more of a marathon than a sprint; I'm happy." Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone insists his wife loves his weight loss after he shaped up for U.S. reality TV contest Dancing With The Stars.

6th May 2007

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass owns the rights to the Marilyn Monroe song, Down Boy.

26th January 2007

Quote: "We're all still good pals... but I don't think we can pull it off." Justin Timberlake insists there will be no 'N Sync reunion.

3rd November 2006

Quote: "I'd make stew out of all of 'em. Well, I'd let LANCE (BASS) go. He's harmless." Kevin Federline on which former 'N Sync member he would eat first if stranded on a desert island. The boy band featured his wife Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

5th September 2006

Quote: "Let's all be honest. I don't think we didn't know." Justin Timberlake admits that former "N Sync bandmate Lance Bass going public with the fact he is gay didn't come as a huge shock.

30th August 2006

Fact: Former 'N Sync star Lance Bass is set to turn DJ by hosting a new chart countdown show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

9th August 2006

Fact: Yesterday (08AUG06) was a big day for US boy band birthdays - former 'N Sync star Jc Chasez and ex-98 Degrees hunk Drew Lachey both turned 30.

29th July 2006

Quote: "Isn't it ironic? All this time we thought he was 'N Sync and turns out he's a Backstreet Boy." Comedian Jay Leno jokes about Lance Bass going public about the fact that he is gay.

28th July 2006

Quote: "He was the kindest man, very grounded, very intelligent and a sweetheart and I hope he finds true love in this world." Actress Brittany Murphy wishes singer Lance Bass well after the former 'N Sync star announced he is gay. Murphy and Bass recently teamed up for an Italian Vogue photospread.

27th July 2006

Fact: Pop star Lance Bass fell for his gay lover, US reality TV's REICHEN LEHMKUHL, when the AMAZING RACE star sold him a house. Lehmkuhl is a qualified real estate agent. Former 'N Sync star Bass has 'come out' in the new issue of America's People magazine.

26th July 2006

Quote: "I've always accepted him as who he is. It's about his own serenity at this point." Actress Christina Applegate is pleased her friend, and former 'N Sync singer, Lance Bass has revealed he is gay.

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