Myleene Klass was terrified about homeschooling her children during lockdown.

The 42-year-old star - who has Ava, 13, and Hero, nine, with ex-husband Graham Quinn, and 13-month-old son Apollo with fiance Simon Motson - admitted she has felt ''more busy'' and ''half as productive'' throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on the 'Last, Past & Blast' podcast with Charlotte Hawkins, she said: ''I think for every mum across the planet, suddenly, it was just so terrifying.

''Not only did you need to be an expert in every single field, but you also had to be able to run a household and work, if that's what you were doing as well.

''Just keep the whole thing, all those balls, in the air. I've never felt more busy in my life and half as productive.''

Meanwhile, the former Hear'Say singer also opened up on the importance of finding a ''balance'' when it comes to teaching her children and giving them life skills.

She explained: ''I want them to be able to enjoy their lives, so I make sure that music is a part of it, but at the same time I have to give them balance...

''I want to make sure they can also start a car with some jump leads, which I'll make sure they'll learn to do.''

Myleene discussed the way classical composers such as Mozart can be appreciated on another level when you ''start humanising them'' rather than simply putting them on a pedestal.

She added: ''Look, Mozart, no doubt about it, was a genius, but also, he was human, and my daughter was obsessed with the fact he kept so many pets and could play the piano with his nose.

''Suddenly you start humanising them, and then suddenly you start listening to their music in a completely different way...''

Episode 2 of Charlotte Hawkins' new podcast 'Last, Past & Blast', Apple's #1 Music Podcast, is out now.